Why Your Move Is Making You Broke

3 min read

Are you considering relocating to a bigger home or simply to a different neighborhood? Good for you if you have a valid cause for doing so, such as a job transfer. If you’re doing it for the sake of a good deal, reasonable price, or discounted rate, WAIT UP! You’ll have to do a lot more thinking this time.

To make things simpler, envision yourself as a project manager for a corporation. You’ve been given the task of relocating a house. Whatever the cause for the move, you must keep everything under control. Everything is on you, from initiating to monitoring, controlling, and execution. What steps would you take to move things forward? You’ll begin by deciding on a budget and then establishing project parameters. After that, you’ll start allocating the money by properly pricing each work and its sub-tasks. You’ll investigate the constraints and dangers, make modifications to compensate for any inconveniences. Finally, you will balance your expenditure according to your overall target budget.

As a project manager, you’ll pay attention to the trivial things. Will you do the same if this isn’t a professional endeavor? No. So, here’s the deal: These processes aren’t taken on a serious note since we’re not project managers but simply ordinary people considering relocating. As a result, judgments are made with less financial prudence, and we wind up losing more money than we anticipated.

Let’s take a look at some of the key causes of financial gaps that leave you with less or no money once you move.

  1. No meticulous record of minimal activities:

When preparing a to-do list for a day, we always start by jotting down the most critical chores. Then we write down the ones that aren’t as crucial. Finally, there are the ones that aren’t that vital. We review our day throughout to ensure that we don’t neglect anything important that has to be accomplished today. Regardless of how minor importance a task holds, it still appears on that to-do list. However, when faced with a to-do task for moving a house, the least important chores might easily slip from one’s mind or be overlooked, resulting in catastrophic repercussions. Things will be considerably more organized and simple if you go for a storage facility. Suppose you recently moved to Alabama or any nearby state in the US. If you’re shopping for the best storage unit near Tuscaloosa, AL, Macon, GA, or McDonough, GA, Metro Mini Storage is the place to go. Simply google them by typing tuscaloosa al storage units, and you will easily find them in top results.

  • Neglecting the less likely outcomes:

Every action in this world has an outcome. Those outcomes are sometimes looked into as divided probabilities. There are times when there are fewer chances of getting the intended result and times when there are high chances. However, both scenarios are important to take into consideration. For example, when you think of shifting the furniture from your old house to a new one. There are fewer chances that it will get damaged on the way because you will be taking precautions. But that doesn’t mean we will be leaving that out. What if that happens? You will have to start from scratch, buy new furniture or try repairing this one both will cost you something. It is not about being pessimistic, but being careful about every likely outcome so that you don’t face difficulties in the end.

  • Underestimating the sum of figures: 

It’s no secret that inflation is becoming a serious problem in every corner of the world. Even a small celebration after a minor victory might be pricey. Everything adds up to a huge expense at the end of the day, from the décor to the food and even clean-up. So, relocating property is unquestionably on the list of things that will set you back a significant sum of money. Why?

Firstly, there are the packing materials. They aren’t free, and your total will be higher when you add this up with all of your other charges. Even if you opt not to hire someone to move your possessions and instead drive your car, transportation costs will be substantial since you will need to refill the tank numerous times. But, if you’re relocating somewhere nearby and don’t believe transportation will be an issue, what about the labor you’ll pay to move the huge, heavy furniture? Not only that, but cleaning is also a significant contribution.

When you move into a new one, the first thing you do is clean it completely since no one wants to live in a filthy environment. So, at the end of the day, if you pay attention to every aspect after weighing your options, you may anticipate a good ratio to payout.

  • Not taking guilty pleasures into account:

It’s understandable to question how relocating a house, and guilty pleasures are related. Don’t worry; another painful truth is soon to hit you. Forget about moving to some other place for a second. Think about how many times you have added up things to decorate your living room, dining room, and bedroom where you are currently living.

Sometimes you think a showpiece might complement the new curtains you have changed, or the wall painting might go well with another wall color. So, do you think you will shift to another place and not notice how to set up a certain room? That’s not all; they are characterized as guilty pleasures since you make modifications even when there is no necessity because you desire a nice residence. However, you are not the only one who indulges in this guilty pleasure. Nevertheless, you could go the additional mile and ultimately spend unnecessary money when relocating to a new location.


It is not easy to move from one location to another. There are a variety of aspects that must be considered. There are several others in addition to the ones listed above. In the end, all these factors must be considered before making a final decision. On the other hand, we fail to do so and wind up with less money in our bank accounts. But there is no such thing as an impossibility. Things may be easier and more positive if only these few factors are considered. After all, you can’t deny that the prospect of moving gives everyone a positive sensation.