6 Moving Tips To Ensure A Smooth And Stress-Free Move-Out

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Let’s be honest: moving can be a bittersweet experience. The enthusiasm to start over in a new place and a new neighborhood often gets eclipsed by the constant stress of organizing and packing. The words’ moving’ and ‘fun’ never go along because, admittedly, moving is the ticket to the city of stress.

It is a notoriously stressful process, whether moving from one coast to another or across the street. It can take a massive toll on even the best of people. Arduous, expensive, nerve-wracking – these are a set of adjectives that can entirely sum up the whole move-out experience. And people are often left wondering how to pack and move without breaking the bank, back, and fragile lamp.

The good news is you can simplify your entire moving process with a bit of planning and research. But, of course, the success of this moving endeavor hinges on avoiding common mishaps.

Since Summer is a national moving season; therefore, in honor of this, we’ve rounded tips that will make your move-out experience as seamless as possible. This way, you can have ample time to unwind, start afresh, and enjoy the exciting stages ahead.

Purge the clutter

First things first – embark on a decluttering journey. Closely examine all your wardrobes and begin the merciless purging. Decide which items you are ready to toss away. Also, donate and sell away belongings sitting in closets for quite a long time and haven’t viewed the light of day for many years.

The lesser stuff you pack, the more you save time – the perfect recipe to start with a clean slate. However, suppose you have precious belongings that you can’t let go of or other climate-sensitive items. In that case, it’s best to store them in storage units and retrieve them later.

For instance, if you plan to move to a city located in the eastern Sussex County, Lewes, Delaware, you can utilize a climate-controlled storage facility. Just type in Lewes DE storage units and click search to pick reliable and safe units for your valuable possessions. This way, you can keep your belongings secure and access them at your convenience.

Prepare a to-do list

Of all the hacks that make the moving experience go swimmingly, effectively managing time is the essential one. It’s easy to stall things for later until the moving day approaches, and you realize you aren’t quite ready to move.

Therefore, create a to-do list, prepare well in advance, and avoid eleventh-hour arrangements and scramble. Figure out how much time you have at your hand and determine how long it will take for you to organize and pack each room.

Don’t let any task or reminder slip your memory, no matter how obvious it seems to you. Extra novels to donate? Take notes. Possess an extra screw from the broken sink? Add it to the list. Need to return the router one day before your move-out? Ensure to jot it down.

Pack an essentials box

You might need a box or an overnight bag full of absolute essentials to survive the first night at the new place until you get to rejoin with your other belongings. Even if you are moving across the street, pack all the personal essentials to help you get through the day in the new house.

Therefore, the night before the move-out, stack all the necessities and personal items in one box and pack them. For instance, the box might contain toilet paper, toothbrushes, important cutleries, food for pets and kids, shampoo, contact lens, towels, prescriptions, phone chargers, snacks, and blankets.

It should encompass anything literally that you might feel tempted to rip through the box and rummage when a catastrophe strikes. This essentials box makes things easier and a lot more organized during the first few days of the move.

Label each box

Ideally, you will have approximately 4-8 weeks before your move. And that’s enough time to pack all the stuff accumulated in your home. Once done with the packing, save professional movers the hassle of continually asking where the electronic items should go. Instead, label all the boxes accurately.

Also, you might not be able to view the top portion of the boxes when transporting them through a van or a car. So, ensure to label the sides to avoid the trouble of mystery boxes. And try to be specific when marking. Jot down the contents of each box to keep track of your possessions.

If you wish to take your labeling game to the next level, mark your boxes with numbers. And if you are a visual learner, why not try a color-coding scheme?

Take pictures

If you don’t want the picture of the exact placement of decoration pieces on shelves and wall art to slip your mind, click photos. Snap photographs of each room’s setup, specifically if you are fond of your old house gallery art or how well you have managed the living room.

Besides, people often struggle to assemble their furniture back after dismantling them. Of course, you might only remember some vague details of which part goes where. Therefore, to avoid such hassles, take out your cell phone and snap pictures of the furniture before disassembling it. These pictures can prove handy in putting the pieces back together down the road.

Hire professional movers

Unless you have a friend in your circle that can lend an empty van, you might need to hire professional movers for a smooth and seamless moving experience. More often than not, people miscalculate the number of boxes and often end up in deep trouble on the move day.

Professional movers can not only help load and unload possessions. These companies can also provide suggestions on how to get done with the moving process effectively. The movers can do it all, from heavy lifting, custom crafting, dismantling and re-assembly of furniture, and cost estimation.

All in all, you won’t even have to lift a finger or make an effort as professionals can deal with all the aspects of moving. However, be sure to hire professional movers wisely. And check online reviews and ask your friends and family members for recommendations and referrals.

Final Words

Moving may seem like an adventure for some people. However, in reality, it’s an overwhelming and super stressful experience. You might want to get done with things as quickly as possible, but we all know how nerve-wracking it can be at the end of the day.

And while you need to accept the whole moving experience for what it is. But the good news – some hacks can help you overcome the unpleasantness of the process. And no, these tips won’t make your experience a barrel of laughs, but they are sure to make things easier for you.

Therefore, try to follow the tips that work best in your favor, and maybe this time around, you might observe the move-out wasn’t as stressful as you thought it to be initially.

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