8 Genius Built-in Storage Ideas We Bet You Never Thought Of

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Finding proper storage in a small home is a near-impossible task. As a result, most people end up in a cluttered and crowded space that causes them anxiety instead of providing comfort. This situation worsens when the small space is occupied by a growing family. Imagine tripping over work files or stepping on Lego pieces just because there is no convenient place at hand to stash things, so your family prefers leaving everything outside. However, we have a solution to all your organizing woes: built-in storage.

We have compiled some cool built-in designs to get you inspired and shopping for the essentials for these pieces. Built-in storage is not something we have never heard of, but very few people actually make use of it. So, you can commission a carpenter to help you with these small projects that will make a big difference in your way of living. However, before we divulge into clever built-in storage ideas you may not have thought of, there is one crucial tip that we want to give you.

Before embarking on any built-in storage projects, rent a storage unit to keep your stuff safe from theft or damage. Storing stuff in self-storage while work is being done in the home to construct and integrate built-ins can protect your furniture from dust, paint splatter, damage, etc. Also, it can help you protect your valuables from being lost. Now, you must be thinking about how you can find suitable storage that can meet all your needs is near your home. Well, the solution is simple. Conduct an online search by adding the name of your city to your query, for example, ‘storage units grande prairie ab’. You will be presented with an array of options, so instead of getting overwhelmed, simply shortlist them against the facilities, you need like climate/temperature control and 24/7 surveillance.  

So, let’s get started without dragging on any further, shall we? 

Extend the cabinets to the ceiling

Kitchens are one of those few places in the house where there’s never enough space. However, replacing your old cabinets with those that extend all the way to the ceiling can increase storage space while also enhancing the overall design. You will now have a place for all those extra serving dishes, plates, pots, and other kitchen items that previously cluttered your countertop. You can place the items you don’t regularly use in high cabinets. You just need to purchase a sturdy step stool, and you’ll be good to go.

Commission a kitchen island on wheels

Kitchen islands are pretty handy; they not only provide extra counter space for meal prep but can also be used as a breakfast bar, a craft table for the kids while you cook, and storage. You can get a custom kitchen island made that offers built-in storage. Nonetheless, we understand adjusting a kitchen island in a tiny kitchen isn’t easy. So, we have got the perfect hack for you. It probably hasn’t occurred to you to get a kitchen island on wheels that you can move to the side to act as a kitchen table when not in use for better flow in your tiny kitchen. It would be like a pantry or cupboard on wheels that can double as a table or anything else that you might need.

Think about pullout steps

Why not integrate hidden storage in your stairs? All of them don’t need to be converted into cabinets, but a few near the bottom of the staircase might be useful for shoes. You can hire a skilled carpenter to help you upgrade your existing stairs by removing your bottom three steps and installing a drawer system instead. Otherwise, you can get a new staircase built and installed that better suits your needs.

Integrate a closet underneath the stairs

In case you can’t fit all your clothes in one closet, don’t double up your dresses and blouses on one hanger. Instead, you can save extra space by utilizing the space under the stairs, including the stairs themselves. In a traditional interior, or if you already have storage under the stairs, this idea might not work, but if you’re building a new staircase or a stairway between levels, you might want to take note of this savvy idea. You can take advantage of your area under the stairs to tuck away your coats, jackets, and shoes.

Install a storage rack under the sink

Install an under-sink storage rack to make the most of your available space. You can put your toiletries into a matching set of wicker baskets, so your tiny bathroom has twice as much storage as before.

Add storage in bunk beds

When space is limited, why not build bunk beds? Most kids and some adults find this a fun idea. You cannot double the footprint of your room, but you can create clever extra shelving into the structure, like in the headboard. Additionally, you can squeeze in a few roomy drawers beneath the bottom bunk to maximize space.

Design a window seat with storage underneath

There is no doubt that bay windows are beautiful, but they can eat up a lot of your wall space. Not to worry, though. You can add a comfortable window seat beneath the windows, with hidden storage or shelves just below the seat for your favorite books. Furthermore, you can ask the carpenter to add floorboards around the base of the unit to help it blend seamlessly with the existing flooring.

Get a wall-mounted rack

Another amazing way to expand the limited available space in your small kitchen is by hanging up your pots and pans. You can easily buy a brass rack and install it over your stove and countertop, or you can just install a wall-mounted rack for hanging your pans. Both ways, the space will be expanded, and your kitchen will give off a vintage vibe. 

The Takeaway

We hope you enjoyed this post about these amazing built-in storage ideas you never thought of! Furthermore, we really hope that you can practically utilize these ideas to maximize your existing storage space.