Time for A Change: 7 Home Improvement Ideas for A Fresh Look

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Time for A Change: 7 Home Improvement Ideas for A Fresh Look

Getting bored with the same decor in our homes is common. We all, at some point, need a change of scenery to get a break from the monotony of life. However, the high-cost home improvement often discourages people from making changes. Nonetheless, one can work around the expenses and try some DIY projects to give their home a fresh new look. 

If you want a shift from the ordinary and want to boost mental health, you need to make an effort. There are plenty of easy and low-cost ideas you can do without replacing materials, buying machinery, or hiring contractors. 

Home improvement is never a bad idea, even if you plan to sell your home. By making a few changes to the exterior and interior, you can increase its market value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

Before we get down to exploring some chic home decor ideas, let’s get your house ready for a change. Then, as part of the planning process, first, ensure the safety of the things inside the space you intend to modify. To begin with, let’s address the following question.

What is the best way to safe-keep your belongings during your home improvement project?

Renting a storage space near your home is the best way to safeguard your belongings. If you aren’t sure how to find one, search online using your location. For instance, Williston North Dakota residents can search Williston ND storage units to find location-based suitable options. The rentals can be customized to fit your needs. If you have belongings sensitive to temperature, you may ask about temperature-controlled units as well.

After you have figured out a way to organize your belongings, let’s look at changes you can make without breaking the bank. An important part of completing a successful home improvement project is to estimate the resources required and to ensure that you have all the ingredients on hand. Before beginning a project, you need to estimate how long and how many resources it will take to complete each of the below-listed changes. Leaving anything midway is nothing more than wastage of time, resources, and energy.

1.       Bring attractive fixtures to sweep a quick change

Fixtures may seem insignificant in the context of the overall improvement project. However, you will be amazed at their impact once you have replaced them with contemporary designs. 

There was a time when frosted glass fixtures were popular in kitchens, but now most contemporary houses have glass globe fixtures equipped with energy-efficient bulbs. Not only do light savers enhance the appearance of your house, but they are also environmentally friendly and reduce energy consumption. 

You can bring modern design fans that do not produce noise as an alternative to dreary fans. The quiet design can also aid in a sound sleep. In addition, add more chandeliers to your house. You don’t have to bring large ones, but a few chandeliers with simple lighting arrangements will do the trick.

2.       Swap the whole light with a yellow glow

In old houses, people often preferred white light. Yellow lights weren’t regarded as energy-efficient. Whether their energy consumption was a myth or reality, the trend is completely different now. Modern houses now have more yellow lights, fewer in size, but more numerous. In other words, if you plan on changing the fixtures, opt for yellow. Make sure you are choosing LED lights because they conserve electricity. Yellow lights also add coziness and elegance to any home.

3.       Refresh your bathroom with a tub and tile refinishing kit

Keeping the tile and tub looking clean and stain-free in the bathroom can be challenging. However, you can get rid of them with the proper steps. 

Give your bathroom a new-like look after using a tub and tile refinishing kit every few months. You will be able to remove stains from the tiles and restore the grout to its original state if you follow the instructions on such kits. Using this remedy will result in a cleaner bathroom that is highly affordable.

4.       Perk up your lawn with greenery and water features

An improvement project does not have to involve making all the changes inside the house. You can also give the house a fresh new look from the outside. For instance, your lawn can become more attractive and worthwhile if you add colorful planters or greenery along the edges. Adding water features will alter the entire outlook of your yard. Moreover, adding some lighting to fences will make it ideal for throwing parties during the summer.

5.       Add more storage space

If you live in a small place and always struggle to manage your stuff, adding extra shelving and storage space to a small house is an excellent way to improve your organization skills. 

Making drawers or shelves under the bed or on the stairs is a lovely idea to free up space in your house. You can also place a storage box near a corner window of the house and top it up with cushions. The corner can serve as a cozy spot for reading while watching a sunset, as well as a convenient storage area for books.

6.       Change the paint to bestow a sudden change

Painting the walls can completely transform the look of your house if you have a little extra budget. To make a noticeable change, paint dark patterns if your walls have a lighter hue. You can also rearrange your furniture or change the cushion covers to match your newly painted walls. 

7.       Design an open floor arrangement

An open floor plan will appeal to you if you’re ready to take down a few walls. It may include an open kitchen combined with large hallways. You can divide the sections by adding concrete columns or a wooden divider. 

If you’re not ready for this significant change, try getting rid of big bulky sofas and king-sized beds. You can switch your sofa to a more modern L-shaped design, which takes up less space.


The time of year when you invest in home improvement comes with excitement and anticipation. Many of you want to improve but are unsure about where to begin. Following these tips can help. Adding more details becomes easier when you know what you want to change.