Tips For Decorating Around Your Corner Fireplace

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Corner fireplaces can be a beautiful and unique focal point in any room. However, decorating around them can sometimes be a challenge. With their unconventional placement, it’s important to choose the right decor and furniture to complement the corner fireplace and create a harmonious space. In this article, we will provide you with some helpful tips and ideas for decorating around your corner fireplace in 2023.

1. Furniture Placement

When it comes to arranging furniture around a corner fireplace, it’s crucial to consider the flow and functionality of the room. Place your main seating area facing the fireplace, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You can also add a comfortable armchair or two on either side of the fireplace for additional seating options.

2. Accent Walls

Consider creating an accent wall behind your corner fireplace to enhance its visual impact. Choose a bold color or a textured wallpaper to make the fireplace stand out even more. This will draw attention to the fireplace and create a stunning focal point in the room.

3. Mantel Decor

The mantel above your corner fireplace is the perfect spot to showcase your personal style and add some decorative touches. Place a large mirror or artwork above the mantel to create visual interest. You can also add some decorative vases, candles, or plants to bring life to the space.

4. Lighting

Proper lighting is essential when it comes to decorating around a corner fireplace. Install wall sconces or pendant lights on either side of the fireplace to provide additional lighting and create a warm ambiance. This will also help balance the overall lighting in the room.

5. Shelving and Storage

If your corner fireplace has wall space on either side, consider adding built-in shelving or storage units. This will not only provide practical storage solutions but also create a balanced and symmetrical look. You can display books, decorative items, or even incorporate a small TV into the shelving.

6. Rug Placement

When it comes to rugs, it’s important to choose the right size and placement. Make sure your rug extends beyond the furniture in your seating area to create a cohesive and well-defined space. This will anchor the furniture and tie the entire room together.

7. Window Treatments

Don’t forget about the windows in the room when decorating around a corner fireplace. Choose window treatments that complement the overall style and color scheme of the space. Consider using curtains or blinds that can easily be opened or closed to control natural light and privacy.

8. Balance and Symmetry

Creating a sense of balance and symmetry is key when decorating around a corner fireplace. Use matching furniture or decor items on either side of the fireplace to create a harmonious look. This will ensure that the fireplace doesn’t feel out of place and seamlessly integrates into the room.

9. Personal Touches

Finally, don’t forget to add your personal touches to the space. Whether it’s family photos, artwork, or sentimental items, incorporating these elements will make the corner fireplace feel like a part of your home. Choose decor that reflects your personality and style.


Decorating around a corner fireplace can be a fun and creative process. By following these tips and ideas, you can transform your corner fireplace into a stunning focal point in your room. Remember to consider furniture placement, accent walls, mantel decor, lighting, shelving, rug placement, window treatments, balance, and personal touches. With the right approach, your corner fireplace will become the highlight of your space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

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