How To Decorate With Sconces

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How to Decorate with Sconces


Sconces are a versatile and stylish way to enhance the decor of any room. Whether you want to create a cozy ambiance or add a touch of elegance, sconces can be the perfect lighting solution. In this article, we will provide tips and ideas on how to decorate with sconces to elevate the look and feel of your space.

What are Sconces?

Sconces are wall-mounted light fixtures that can provide both functional and decorative lighting. They come in various styles, sizes, and designs, allowing you to choose the perfect sconces that match your personal style and complement your existing decor.


When it comes to decorating with sconces, placement is key. Sconces can be used in a variety of ways, such as accent lighting, task lighting, or ambient lighting. Consider the purpose of the sconces and the specific area you want to illuminate. For accent lighting, place sconces near artwork or architectural features. For task lighting, install sconces in areas where you need focused light, such as above a bathroom mirror. For ambient lighting, sconces can be placed evenly along a hallway or on either side of a fireplace to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Style and Design

Choosing the right style and design of sconces is crucial to ensure they blend seamlessly with your overall decor theme. Consider the existing elements in the room, such as furniture, color palette, and architectural details. If you have a modern or minimalist style, opt for sleek and simple sconces. For a more traditional or vintage look, choose sconces with ornate details or antique finishes. Additionally, consider the size and scale of the sconces in relation to the space. Oversized sconces can make a bold statement, while smaller sconces can provide a subtle touch of elegance.

Lighting Effects

Sconces can create various lighting effects depending on their design and placement. Upward-facing sconces can bounce light off the ceiling, creating a soft and diffused glow. Downward-facing sconces can provide focused and direct light, perfect for task lighting. Consider the desired lighting effect and choose sconces that align with your vision. Additionally, installing dimmer switches can further enhance the versatility of sconces, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your needs and mood.

Pairing with Other Lighting

Sconces can be used in combination with other lighting fixtures to create a layered and well-balanced lighting scheme. Consider incorporating overhead lighting, such as chandeliers or pendant lights, along with sconces to achieve both ambient and task lighting. This combination not only provides functionality but also adds depth and visual interest to the room. Experiment with different lighting combinations to find the perfect balance for your space.


Once you have installed your sconces, consider accessorizing them to further enhance their decorative appeal. You can add decorative elements such as mirrors or wall art around the sconces to create a focal point. Additionally, consider using sconces as a platform for showcasing other decor items such as candles or small plants. This will not only add visual interest but also personalize the space and make it feel more inviting.


Regular maintenance is essential to keep your sconces looking their best. Dust them regularly and clean them with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris. If your sconces have glass shades, use a glass cleaner to keep them crystal clear. Additionally, check the bulbs periodically and replace them if necessary to ensure optimal lighting performance.


Decorating with sconces can transform any room into a stylish and inviting space. By considering placement, style, lighting effects, and accessorizing, you can create a truly personalized and visually appealing atmosphere. So, go ahead and explore the world of sconces to add that extra touch of elegance and functionality to your home.

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