Home Decor Items And Features You Only Saw In The 70S

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Home Decor Items and Features You Only Saw in the 70s


The 70s were a decade known for its unique and bold home decor styles. From vibrant colors to shag carpets, there were several items and features that were popular during this era. If you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your home, here are some home decor items and features that were iconic in the 70s.

1. Shag Carpets

One of the most recognizable features of 70s home decor was the shag carpet. These plush, deep-pile carpets were often seen in living rooms and bedrooms. They came in a variety of colors, including bright oranges, greens, and browns, and added a cozy and retro vibe to any space.

2. Macramé Wall Hangings

Macramé wall hangings were a popular way to add texture and visual interest to the walls. These intricate, handmade designs were often made of natural materials like cotton or jute and featured intricate knotting patterns. They added a bohemian touch to any room.

3. Sunken Living Rooms

Sunken living rooms were a trendy feature in the 70s. These rooms were typically located a few steps below the main floor level, creating a cozy and intimate seating area. They often featured plush seating and low coffee tables, perfect for casual entertaining.

4. Avocado Green Appliances

Avocado green appliances were all the rage in the 70s. From refrigerators to stoves, these appliances added a pop of color to the kitchen. While this color may not be as popular today, it certainly made a statement in 70s homes.

5. Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings were a common feature in 70s homes. These textured ceilings added a unique and decorative element to the space. While they may not be as popular today, they certainly added character to homes back in the day.

6. Wood Paneling

Wood paneling was a staple in 70s home decor. Whether it was used on the walls or ceilings, this feature added warmth and a rustic charm to the space. While it may be considered outdated now, it was certainly popular during this era.

7. Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs were a fun and unique addition to 70s homes. These chairs were suspended from the ceiling or a stand and provided a relaxing and playful seating option. They were often made of wicker or rattan and added a bohemian touch to any room.

8. Disco Balls

Disco balls were a must-have item in 70s homes. These reflective spheres were often hung from the ceiling and created a dazzling display of light when hit with a spotlight. They were a staple at parties and added a touch of glamour to any space.

9. Conversation Pits

Conversation pits were another popular feature in 70s homes. These sunken seating areas were surrounded by built-in seating and were perfect for hosting guests or spending time with family. They added a unique and cozy element to the living room.


The 70s brought us many iconic home decor items and features that are still remembered today. From shag carpets to hanging chairs, these elements added a touch of nostalgia and personality to homes during this era. If you’re looking to recreate the 70s vibe in your home, consider incorporating some of these unique features and items.