Clever Way Leanne Ford Updates Butcherblock Kitchen Countertops Hgtv

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Clever Way Leanne Ford Updates Butcherblock Kitchen Countertops HGTV


Leanne Ford, the renowned interior designer and host of HGTV’s “Restored by the Fords,” has come up with a clever way to update butcherblock kitchen countertops. In this article, we will explore her innovative approach and provide you with all the information you need to recreate this stunning design in your own home.

What is Butcherblock?

Butcherblock countertops are made from strips of wood glued together to create a sturdy and durable surface. They are a popular choice for kitchens due to their natural beauty and ability to withstand heavy use. However, over time, they can become worn and dull-looking.

Leanne Ford’s Technique

Leanne Ford’s technique involves transforming the traditional butcherblock countertops into a stunning focal point for the kitchen. She achieves this by painting the countertops with a high-quality oil-based paint in a color of her choice.

Choosing the Right Paint

When updating your butcherblock countertops, it is crucial to select the right paint. Leanne Ford recommends using an oil-based paint as it provides better durability and water resistance compared to latex paint. Additionally, oil-based paint gives the countertops a beautiful sheen.

Preparation and Application

Before painting, it is essential to clean the countertops thoroughly and sand them to create a smooth surface. Once the surface is ready, apply a layer of primer to ensure better adhesion of the paint. Then, using a brush or roller, apply the oil-based paint in even strokes.

Finishing Touches

After the paint has dried, Leanne Ford suggests applying a food-safe sealant to protect the countertops from stains and spills. This step is crucial, especially for kitchen countertops that are exposed to moisture and food on a daily basis.

Benefits of Leanne Ford’s Technique

Leanne Ford’s technique offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to update your kitchen countertops without the need for expensive replacements. Secondly, it provides a unique and personalized touch to your kitchen, as you can choose any color that complements your overall design. Lastly, it enhances the durability and longevity of your butcherblock countertops.


If you’re looking for a clever and cost-effective way to update your butcherblock kitchen countertops, Leanne Ford’s technique is worth considering. By painting the countertops with an oil-based paint, you can transform them into a stunning focal point in your kitchen. Follow the preparation and application steps mentioned in this article, and don’t forget to apply a food-safe sealant for added protection. Get ready to enjoy a refreshed and beautiful kitchen!