Facts About Graceland That The Public Doesn't Know

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The History of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee USA Today

Facts About Graceland That the Public Doesn’t Know


Graceland, the former home of legendary musician Elvis Presley, is a popular tourist destination located in Memphis, Tennessee. While many people are familiar with the general history and highlights of Graceland, there are several lesser-known facts that the public might find intriguing.

1. Secret Tunnels

One fascinating fact about Graceland is the existence of secret tunnels beneath the property. These tunnels were originally built to provide easy access for Elvis and his guests to move around without being noticed. Today, visitors can catch a glimpse of these hidden passages during the Graceland Mansion tour.

2. The Jungle Room

The Jungle Room is one of the most iconic and peculiar rooms at Graceland. It is decorated with tropical-themed furniture, including a green shag carpet on the floor and a waterfall rock wall. This unique room was a favorite of Elvis, who enjoyed spending time there, listening to music and entertaining guests.

3. Elvis’ Car Collection

Elvis was known for his love of cars, and Graceland houses an impressive collection of vehicles that belonged to him. From classic Cadillacs to motorcycles and even a pink Jeep, visitors can explore this remarkable collection and get a glimpse of Elvis’ passion for automobiles.

4. Elvis’ Favorite Recipes

Graceland offers visitors the opportunity to taste some of Elvis’ favorite dishes at the on-site restaurants. From his famous fried peanut butter and banana sandwich to his preferred meatloaf recipe, fans can savor the same flavors that Elvis enjoyed during his time at Graceland.

5. The Trophy Building

Adjacent to the main mansion, Graceland features a separate building known as the Trophy Building. This space is dedicated to displaying Elvis’ extensive collection of awards, including gold and platinum records, as well as costumes and other memorabilia from his illustrious career.

6. Elvis’ Horse Stable

Not many people are aware that Elvis had a passion for horses. Graceland has a horse stable where Elvis kept his beloved horses. Visitors can explore this area and learn more about Elvis’ equestrian interests.

7. The Meditation Garden

At the back of the mansion, there is a serene Meditation Garden where Elvis and members of his family are laid to rest. This peaceful spot is a place of reflection and remembrance, attracting fans from around the world who come to pay their respects.

8. Elvis’ Favorite TV Shows

Inside the mansion, you can find televisions in almost every room. Elvis was an avid television watcher and had his favorite shows, including “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and “Sanford and Son.” These TVs are still tuned to the same channels as when Elvis lived at Graceland.

9. The Lisa Marie Airplane

Graceland is home to Elvis’ private jet, named the Lisa Marie after his daughter. Visitors can step inside the airplane and see the luxurious interior, complete with a conference room, bedroom, and gold-plated seat belts.

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