15 Clean and Simple Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

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15 Clean and Simple Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas – Contemporary is a style that’s all about clean lines and simple designs.

It’s not about opulence or overwhelming luxury—it’s about the elements themselves.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important contemporary design elements to know when designing your living room:

15 Clean and Simple Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

These design elements are perfect for any contemporary-styled living room.

In a contemporary living room design, you want clean lines, open spaces and an absence of clutter.

You’ll find these elements in a lot of modern architecture and design—think about the stark white walls and minimalist furniture you see in some restaurants.

This isn’t to say that your entire home should look like this; it just means that one room can have those qualities while other areas take on different aesthetics.

In terms of flooring, we often recommend hardwood floors because they are easy to clean and maintain (no rugs or carpets), but if you have pets or children who might damage them over time then consider vinyl or tile instead.

We also love carpeting for certain rooms like the bedroom because it can add warmth to your home without being too formal—but again make sure there are no rugs around so as not to distract from any other decorating elements!


We hope you enjoyed this article, and we’re excited to see your own living rooms!

Just remember: the key to a beautiful room is to use what you love. If you love bright colors and bold patterns, go for it! If you prefer more neutral colors, that’s fine too.

The most important thing is that your living room should reflect who you are as an individual and as part of a family or group of friends who live together.


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