12 Secret Tips to Improve Sleep Pattern

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In this era when everyone seems busy, people complain about their poor sleep patterns. A monophasic sleep pattern is mandatory according to which, an individual should sleep once a day but for at least 8 hours. However, the majority of youngsters find it hard to fall asleep even when they lie in bed at night.

It can lead to various health problems and one should not ignore it if he doesn’t sleep well in a day. There are multiple reasons for poor sleep out which, excessive screen time is at the top. So, are you ready to explore some secret tips that can help you get a better sleep every day?

12 Secret Tips to Improve Sleep Pattern

Make a Routine

One should have a proper scheduled routine of work and rest. Spending most of your time out of the house can disturb the whole routine. So, when you get done with work, try to go back home instead of having a party with friends. A weekend night out plans also ruin the routine as people reach home late and they lose the perfect time to sleep.

The pineal gland releases melatonin in the night that makes a person feel sleepy and there is a certain time when your body releases this enzyme. When people skip this time and try to sleep late, they ultimately find it tough to get a good sleep.

Get a Good Bed Frame

An uncomfortable bed can cause so many problems like back pain, headache, and poor sleep. So, you must check the bed frame. This link https://puffy.com/products/puffy-bed-frame is good to visit as here, you can find the most comfortable bed frames with a warranty.

The comfort level impacts a lot because a person cannot sleep well if his back hurts at night. Apart from it, you should prefer the mattress that can give a soothing touch while sleeping.

Don’t Do Cardio Late at Night

People who come home late after the office usually do cardio at night but it is not recommended. One should feel relaxed before going to bed. Cardio can make you tired and this is a reason doctors also recommend early morning exercises. You should try to manage the workout routine that can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Reduce Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine consumption is recommended when a person wants to stay active at work. However, those who drink coffee or black tea right before bedtime also suffer poor sleep patterns. You should skip coffee from the evening routine. It may prove tough in the beginning but once you make a routine of reducing caffeine consumption, your sleep pattern will ultimately start improving.

Bath Can Do Wonders

Did you ever feel relaxed and calm after taking a good bath? Yes, a bath can do magic because it makes a person feel relaxed so if you take a bath before going to bed, you’ll surely get a good sleep. However, try to keep the water temperature normal neither cold nor warm.

People should try this tip instead of eating sleeping pills that have multiple side effects. Bath is recommended to people of all ages and every gender should try this tip before going to sleep.

Put Your Phone Aside

Those who use cell phones at night always suffer a poor sleep pattern. Screen light directly affects the eyes and reduces the urge to sleep. If you stay busy on mobile phones till 1 to 2 in the night, the pineal gland stops releasing melatonin, and ultimately, you lose the best time of sleeping. Mobile phones are one of the major distractions in anyone’s life and it is mandatory to quit the bad habit of using them till late at night.

Don’t Drink Alcohol in the Night

Alcoholics have more chances to suffer poor sleep patterns and it is always recommended to not drink at night. Good sleep can even help you quit alcohol. Moreover, if you are on the path of drug withdrawal, stop drinking at night as it affects the central nervous system and ruins the whole sleep routine.

Eat Less in the Night

The best time to eat heavy is morning as you can have a good breakfast but noon and evening meals should not be very heavy. People should make a habit of eating light in the night because it not only improves the sleep routine but leaves good effects on health too. Those who diet to lose weight should also avoid eating heavily at night.

Do Morning Exercise Regularly

Our body shape and health define so many things in our life. Morning exercise is one of the best things for most scenarios. You should make sure to not skip morning exercise at any cost. You can start with a brisk walk initially because it alone leaves good effects on the body. Those who exercise daily usually get a good sleep at night. So, if you don’t do it previously, make a habit from now onwards.

Don’t Think About Stressful Things in the Night

Right before sleeping, people should try to not think about anything that can trigger stress because this will reduce the urge to sleep. You can get a better routine if you avoid thinking about mishaps or bad things before going to bed. You can read a good book while trying to sleep as an interesting story can divert the attention from stressful things and you can get a good sleep.

Biphasic Sleep Pattern is also Beneficial

Though most of the doctors say that monophasic sleep is good, some people cannot sleep for at least 9 hours in a single shift so they can sleep twice a day. Night sleep is mandatory in all cases but sleeping at noon for only an hour can also prove great.

This will improve mental health and you may notice an improvement in the efficiency level. So, biphasic sleep is also recommended for getting a good sleep pattern. You should follow these suggestions to avoid any sort of sleeping pills.