An Expert Explains The Best Ways To Organize Your Small Bathroom

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Storage Ideas to Organize Your Small Bathroom in 2020 Bathroom storage organization, Bathroom

Having a small bathroom can be challenging when it comes to organizing and maximizing space. However, with the right strategies and expert tips, you can transform your small bathroom into a functional and organized oasis. In this article, we will explore the best ways to organize your small bathroom in 2024.

1. Declutter and Prioritize

The first step to organizing your small bathroom is to declutter and prioritize your belongings. Start by taking everything out of your bathroom cabinets and drawers and sorting them into categories. Discard any expired or unused items, and prioritize the essentials that you use on a daily basis. This will help you create space and make it easier to organize the remaining items.

2. Utilize Vertical Space

In a small bathroom, utilizing vertical space is key. Install shelves or wall-mounted cabinets above your toilet or sink to maximize storage. You can also use hooks or towel racks on the back of the bathroom door or inside the shower to hang towels and robes. This will free up valuable floor and countertop space.

3. Optimize Storage Solutions

Invest in storage solutions that are specifically designed for small spaces. Use stackable bins or baskets to store toiletries and cleaning supplies under the sink. Install a magnetic strip on the inside of your medicine cabinet or on the wall to hold metal grooming tools such as tweezers or nail clippers. These smart storage solutions will help keep your small bathroom organized and clutter-free.

4. Use Clear Containers

When it comes to organizing small spaces, transparency is key. Use clear containers or jars to store items like cotton balls, Q-tips, and hair accessories. This allows you to see exactly what you have and prevents rummaging through drawers or cabinets to find what you need.

5. Maximize Door Space

Don’t forget about the back of your bathroom door! Install an over-the-door organizer with pockets to store items such as hair tools, toiletries, or cleaning supplies. This utilizes space that is often overlooked and keeps everything easily accessible.

6. Think Outside the Box

Be creative with your storage solutions in a small bathroom. Consider using a spice rack to hold and organize your perfume bottles or a hanging fruit basket to store rolled towels. Look for unconventional storage ideas that can maximize space and add a unique touch to your bathroom.

7. Utilize Wall Space

If you have limited countertop space, take advantage of your wall space. Install a wall-mounted toothbrush holder or a magnetic strip to hold metal grooming tools. You can also hang a small shelf or a floating vanity to store additional items like extra toilet paper or decorative accents.

8. Keep it Clean and Tidy

Maintaining a clean and tidy small bathroom is essential for effective organization. Develop a cleaning routine and regularly wipe down surfaces, mirrors, and fixtures. Put items back in their designated places after use to prevent clutter from building up.

9. Update Your Bathroom Accessories

Lastly, consider updating your bathroom accessories to enhance the overall organization and aesthetics. Invest in matching containers, toothbrush holders, and soap dispensers to create a cohesive look. This small change can make a big difference in the overall organization and feel of your small bathroom.


Organizing a small bathroom may seem challenging, but with the right strategies and expert tips, you can create a functional and organized space. Declutter, utilize vertical and wall space, invest in smart storage solutions, and keep your bathroom clean and tidy. By following these tips, you’ll be able to transform your small bathroom into an organized oasis.

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