Colors To Decorate With For A Dark Academia Aesthetic

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Dark Academia Room Aesthetic Room Ideas

The Dark Academia Aesthetic

The dark academia aesthetic has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is inspired by the traditional academic setting and is known for its vintage and intellectual vibes. This aesthetic embraces a moody and mysterious atmosphere, often associated with classic literature, art, and scholarly pursuits. If you want to incorporate the dark academia aesthetic into your home decor, one crucial aspect to consider is the color palette.

Choosing the Right Colors

The colors you choose for your dark academia-inspired space play a vital role in setting the desired mood and ambiance. Here are some colors that work well with the dark academia aesthetic:

1. Deep Burgundy

Deep burgundy is a rich and intense color that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. It works exceptionally well as an accent color, creating a sense of depth and opulence. Consider using it in your curtains, throw pillows, or even a statement wall to add a dramatic flair.

2. Forest Green

Forest green is another excellent choice for a dark academia color scheme. This deep, earthy shade evokes a sense of nature and tranquility. Use it in your upholstery, rugs, or even as a backdrop for your bookshelves to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

3. Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a muted and vintage-inspired shade that complements the dark academia aesthetic beautifully. It adds a romantic and feminine touch to your space without overpowering the overall atmosphere. Consider incorporating dusty rose in your curtains, bedding, or decorative accessories for a soft and dreamy feel.

4. Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray is a versatile color that can serve as a base for your dark academia-themed room. It provides a neutral backdrop that allows other elements, such as antique furniture or vibrant artwork, to shine. Use charcoal gray for your walls, furniture, or even as an accent color in your decor.

5. Antique Gold

Antique gold is a regal and luxurious shade that adds a touch of elegance to your dark academia space. Whether it’s in the form of picture frames, candle holders, or even furniture accents, incorporating hints of antique gold will elevate the overall aesthetic and create a sense of opulence.

Tips for Incorporating Colors

Now that you have an idea of the colors that work well with the dark academia aesthetic, here are some tips for incorporating them into your decor:

1. Balance is Key

When using darker colors, it’s essential to strike a balance to prevent your space from feeling too heavy or gloomy. Pair deep hues with lighter shades or neutral tones to create contrast and visual interest.

2. Layer Textures

Textures play a significant role in the dark academia aesthetic. Mix and match different textures, such as velvet, leather, or tweed, to add dimension and depth to your space. This will enhance the overall visual appeal and create a cozy atmosphere.

3. Embrace Vintage Elements

Dark academia is all about embracing the vintage and traditional. Incorporate antique furniture, vintage-inspired decor, or even old books to enhance the overall aesthetic. These elements add character and authenticity to your space.

4. Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is crucial in setting the mood for a dark academia space. Opt for warm and soft lighting options, such as table lamps or string lights, to create a cozy and intimate ambiance. Avoid harsh or bright lighting, as it can disrupt the desired atmosphere.


Decorating your space with the right colors is essential when aiming for a dark academia aesthetic. Deep burgundy, forest green, dusty rose, charcoal gray, and antique gold are all excellent choices that evoke the intellectual and vintage vibes associated with this aesthetic. Remember to balance your color choices, layer textures, embrace vintage elements, and pay attention to lighting to create the perfect dark academia-inspired space.