Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Kids Princess Themed Bedroom

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20+ Beautiful Princess Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Little Princess

Unexpected Ways to Decorate Your Kids Princess Themed Bedroom


Creating a princess-themed bedroom for your child is a dream come true for many parents. It allows you to unleash your creativity and transform their room into a magical space fit for a princess. While the traditional approach may involve using pink and frills, there are unexpected ways to decorate your child’s princess-themed bedroom that can add a unique touch to the space. In this article, we will explore some creative ideas that will make your child’s room truly enchanting.

1. Use Jewel-toned Colors

Instead of sticking to the conventional pastel pink color scheme, consider using jewel-toned colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. These rich and vibrant colors will give the room a regal and luxurious feel, making your child feel like a true princess.

2. Create a Canopy Bed

A canopy bed adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to any room. You can create a DIY canopy using sheer fabrics or opt for a ready-made one. Hang it above your child’s bed to create a cozy and magical sleeping space.

3. Decorate with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a simple yet effective way to add a magical ambiance to your child’s bedroom. You can hang them around the canopy bed, drape them along the walls, or create a sparkling curtain effect. The soft glow of the lights will create a dreamy atmosphere that your child will love.

4. Incorporate Princess-themed Artwork

Add a touch of art to the room by incorporating princess-themed artwork. You can hang paintings or prints of princesses, castles, or fairy tale scenes on the walls. This will not only add visual interest but also inspire your child’s imagination.

5. Use Mirrors to Create a Royal Feel

Mirrors can instantly make a room feel larger and more luxurious. Incorporate mirrors with ornate frames or in interesting shapes to add a royal touch to the bedroom. You can also create a vanity area with a mirror where your child can dress up like a princess.

6. Add a Touch of Nature

Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating elements of nature into the room. You can use floral wallpaper, hang birdcages, or place potted plants to create a whimsical and enchanted forest feel. This will add a unique twist to the traditional princess-themed bedroom.

7. Create a Dress-up Corner

Every princess needs a dress-up corner where she can unleash her imagination. Set up a dedicated area with a wardrobe or clothing rack where your child can keep her princess dresses, tiaras, and accessories. This will not only keep everything organized but also encourage creative play.

8. Personalize the Space

Add a personal touch to the room by incorporating your child’s name or initials. You can use wall decals, personalized pillows, or customized artwork to make the space feel truly special and unique to your child.

9. Use Whimsical Furniture

Instead of using regular furniture, consider using whimsical and unconventional pieces. Look for furniture with unique shapes, colors, or themes that align with the princess theme. This will add an element of surprise and playfulness to the room.


When decorating your child’s princess-themed bedroom, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. By incorporating unexpected elements, you can create a truly magical space that will delight your child and spark their imagination. From jewel-toned colors to whimsical furniture, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity soar and transform their room into a fairy tale dream come true.