This Time Capsule Home Hasn't Been Touched Since The 70S

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Time capsule house that hasn't been decorated since 1970s on sale

This Time Capsule Home Hasn’t Been Touched Since the 70s

The Fascinating Journey into the Past

Step into a world frozen in time, as you enter this incredible time capsule home that hasn’t been touched since the 70s. Located in a quiet suburban neighborhood, this house is a unique treasure that offers a glimpse into the past. From the furniture to the decor, everything remains untouched, making it a truly remarkable experience.

A Peek into the Past

Walking through the front door, you’ll immediately be transported back in time. The vintage wallpaper, shag carpets, and retro furniture instantly evoke a sense of nostalgia. Every room tells a story, and you can’t help but marvel at the preserved aesthetic of the era.

Unearthing Hidden Gems

Exploring this time capsule home is like embarking on a treasure hunt. You’ll discover vintage appliances in the kitchen, a classic rotary phone in the living room, and a record player in the entertainment area. These relics from the past offer a unique insight into how people lived during that era.

Preserving the Legacy

The current owners of this time capsule home have made a conscious effort to preserve its authenticity. They understand the historical significance of the property and have chosen to keep it intact. The house serves as a testament to the design and lifestyle trends of the 70s, providing a valuable resource for researchers and enthusiasts.

A Popular Destination

Word about this time capsule home has spread like wildfire, attracting visitors from all over the world. Tourists and history buffs flock to experience this extraordinary piece of living history. The house has become a popular destination, with guided tours offering a deep dive into the 70s culture and design.


1. Can you visit the time capsule home?

Yes, the time capsule home is open for public tours. You can book a guided tour to explore this unique property and immerse yourself in the 70s era.

2. Are the furnishings and decor original?

Yes, everything in the house is original and has been preserved since the 70s. The furnishings, decor, and even appliances are a true representation of the era.

3. Can you take photographs during the tour?

Photography is allowed during the tour, so you can capture the essence of the time capsule home and share the experience with others.

4. Is the house for sale?

At the moment, the owners have no plans to sell the house. They are committed to preserving its historical significance and sharing it with the public.

5. Are there any restrictions during the tour?

During the tour, visitors are requested to refrain from touching or moving any items in the house. This is to ensure the preservation of the time capsule home for future generations.


This time capsule home offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the charm of the 70s. Preserved in its original state, it serves as a remarkable glimpse into the past. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply curious about the bygone era, a visit to this time capsule home is a must.