Get Your Backyard Ready With A Pond And Waterfall!

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Are you looking for a way to spruce up your backyard? A backyard pond with a waterfall could be just the thing you need! Not only does it add a beautiful aesthetic, but it also provides a calming atmosphere that you can enjoy all year round. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a backyard pond with a waterfall, tips for creating and maintaining one, and some of the best plants and fish to include.

The Benefits of a Backyard Pond with Waterfall

Having a backyard pond with a waterfall provides a serene environment that can help reduce stress and anxiety. The sound of running water has a calming effect and can create a relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests. Additionally, a pond with a waterfall can attract wildlife such as birds, butterflies, and dragonflies, which adds to the natural beauty of your backyard.

Creating and Maintaining Your Pond and Waterfall

Creating a backyard pond with a waterfall may seem daunting, but it can be done with a bit of planning and effort. First, choose the location of your pond, making sure it is in a spot that receives adequate sunlight and has access to a power source for the waterfall pump. Next, dig out the area for the pond and add a liner to prevent leaks. Once the pond is in place, add rocks, plants, and a waterfall feature to complete the look. Maintaining your pond is also important to ensure its longevity. Regularly cleaning the pond and checking the water levels, as well as adding beneficial bacteria, will help keep the water clear and healthy for your plants and fish.

Best Plants and Fish for Your Pond

When it comes to choosing plants for your pond, consider adding a mix of floating, submerged, and marginal plants. Floating plants such as water lilies provide shade and help keep the water clean, while submerged plants like hornwort oxygenate the water. Marginal plants such as cattails add height and texture to the pond. When selecting fish for your pond, choose species that are compatible with the size and depth of your pond. Koi and goldfish are popular choices and can add a pop of color to your backyard oasis.


A backyard pond with a waterfall can be a beautiful and relaxing addition to any backyard. With a bit of planning and effort, you can create a serene environment that you can enjoy all year round. Whether you are looking to reduce stress or attract wildlife, a pond and waterfall feature can provide the perfect solution.


Q: How much does it cost to build a backyard pond with a waterfall?

A: The cost of building a backyard pond with a waterfall can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. On average, it can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000.

Q: What should I do if my pond water turns green?

A: Green pond water is usually caused by an excess of algae. To remedy this, you can add beneficial bacteria, increase the amount of shade in the pond, or install a UV clarifier.

Q: Can I keep fish in my pond during the winter?

A: It depends on the species of fish and the depth of your pond. Koi and goldfish can survive in cold temperatures as long as the water does not freeze completely. It is important to provide adequate aeration and a deeper area in the pond for the fish to hibernate.