Guest Bathroom Decor Ideas: 10 Ways To Make Your Guests Feel At Home

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As a host, you want your guests to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible – and that includes in their bathroom. Whether you have a small bathroom that needs some sprucing up or a larger space that could benefit from a few touches, there are plenty of ways to make your guests feel at home.

Here are 10 guest bathroom decor ideas to help you get started.

1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can instantly liven up a space and make it feel more inviting. Choose a light and airy color to give the room a more spacious feel, or go bold with a deep, saturated hue. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider an accent wall with a pattern or wallpaper. No matter what you choose, a fresh coat of paint is sure to make your guests feel right at home.

2. Hang Artwork or Photos

Adding artwork or photos to the walls of your guest bathroom is a great way to give the space some personality. Choose pieces that are meaningful to you and your family, or look for pieces that reflect the style and feel of your home. This will give your guests an insight into your life and make them feel more at ease.

3. Place a Mirror

A mirror is a must-have in any bathroom, and it can also be a great way to add style and personality to the space. Opt for a large, statement-making mirror or a more subtle, minimalist design. You can also hang multiple mirrors in varying shapes and sizes for a more eclectic look.

4. Add Accessories

Accessorizing your guest bathroom is a great way to make it feel more inviting. Place a few small plants or flowers around the room to add a pop of color and life. Or, hang a few baskets on the wall to store towels and other bathroom necessities. Choose pieces that reflect your personal style and make the space feel more like home.

5. Invest in Quality Towels

No one likes to dry off with a scratchy towel after a shower. Invest in quality, plush towels for your guest bathroom to show your guests that you care. Choose a few different colors or patterns that match the style of your bathroom, and make sure to keep them clean and fresh for each guest.

6. Incorporate a Scent

You can make your guest bathroom smell as good as it looks by incorporating a few scented candles or diffusers. Choose a scent that is light and fresh, but not too overwhelming. This will make your guests feel relaxed and at home while they’re in their bathroom.

7. Create a Spa-Like Environment

Turn your guest bathroom into a spa-like retreat with a few simple touches. Place a few spa-inspired items, like a scented candle, a soft robe, and a basket of bath products. This will give your guests the feeling that they are in a special, relaxing space.

8. Hang a Towel Rack

A towel rack is a great way to keep towels organized and easily accessible. Choose a rack that fits the style and design of your bathroom, and make sure it’s easy to reach. This will make it easier for your guests to find what they need.

9. Add a Pop of Color

A simple way to add some style to your guest bathroom is to incorporate a few pops of color. Choose a few bright, bold accessories like towels, art, or rugs. This will give the room a more vibrant and inviting feel.

10. Add a Rug

A rug can help to make the bathroom feel more cozy and inviting. Choose a rug that is soft and comfortable to walk on and one that adds a bit of personality to the space. This will make your guests feel welcome and at home.


Creating a cozy and inviting guest bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few simple touches, you can make your guests feel right at home. Try incorporating some of these guest bathroom decor ideas to create a space that your guests will love.

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