Summery Style: Mantel Decorating Ideas For The Summer

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20+ Unique Summer Mantel Decorating Ideas To Try Summer mantle decor

1. Add a Touch of Greenery

Nothing says summertime like a bit of greenery! Add a wreath or some potted plants to your mantel to give it a fresh, vibrant feel. A bright green wreath of faux ferns is perfect for a summery look.

You can also add some summer flowers in small vases or jars. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add some faux succulents to the mix for an even more summery look.

2. Use Summery Colors

Bright, vibrant colors are a must for any summery mantel. Choose colors like yellow, orange, and blue to give your mantel a cheerful, summery appeal. You can also use shades of pink and purple for a more feminine look.

Use these colors to create a pattern with your decorations. For example, you can alternate between a yellow and a blue vase or a pink and an orange candle holder.

3. Add Some Beachy Decor

Bring a beachy feel to your mantel with some seashells, starfish, and sand dollars. You can also add some beach-themed artwork or a wooden sign with a summery quote. If you’re feeling creative, you can even create a tiny beach scene on the mantel with some sand, small rocks, and a few shells.

4. Hang Extra Summery Decorations

If you’ve got an extra-long mantel, you can hang some decorations from the top. You can hang a string of paper lanterns, a garland of summer flowers, or a banner with a summery quote. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make your own banner with some fabric, string, and some craft supplies.

5. Layer Your Decorations

Layering your decorations is a great way to create a summery look. Add some books and small boxes behind your main decorations to create depth and texture. You can also add a vintage rug or a small table runner to add a cozy touch.


Summer is the perfect time to give your mantel a makeover! With these summery decorating ideas, you can easily create a bright, cheerful look that will bring a bit of sunshine to your home. Add some greenery, use cheerful colors, add a bit of beachy decor, and layer your decorations for a unique, summery look.