A Complete Guide To Makes Small Spare Bedroom Ideas

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If you are lucky enough to have a small spare bedroom, you probably want to make the most of it. This room is perfect for guests, your kids’ toys, or even an office.

In this post we’ll show you how to create a spacious feeling in small spaces with clever storage solutions and clever furniture ideas.

A Complete Guide To Makes Small Spare Bedroom Ideas

With some creativity, you can make even the tiniest room feel larger than life!

When you’re working with a small room, it can be tempting to do nothing at all. After all, there isn’t much space in the small spare bedroom that isn’t already being used.

But with some creativity and a lot of planning, you can find ways to make even your teeny-tiny space feel larger than life!

The first step is creating the illusion of space.

This can be done through clever design choices that make your room appear bigger than it really is—like using light colors for walls and furniture so that an empty wall won’t look like an eyesore; choosing furniture pieces that are versatile enough to serve multiple purposes; or adding storage solutions that take up less floor space but still give you plenty of options (such as cubbies or shelves).

It also helps if you can go vertical: think about hanging items from the ceiling rather than storing them on shelves or leaving them sitting around on the floor.

You could hang things like artwork, plants, bookshelves (if they don’t take up too much room), dressers…anything! Just remember not to get carried away—people need their sleep!!

Create the illusion of space.

If you’re short on square footage, use light colors and mirrors to create the illusion of more space.

Light colors will bounce light around your room and make it appear brighter, while mirrors can double as natural windows and show off your decor from multiple angles.

  • Add rugs for warmth. Rugs not only add warmth to a room but they also provide texture and pattern, making them essential in any small bedroom design scheme.
  • Use a headboard that adds height and style – Use a headboard that offers both comfort and style by choosing one with built-in storage or shelves for displaying books, artwork or other items you like to display where guests can see them easily when they enter your room

Make it feel light and airy.

When it comes to making a small room feel bigger, you want to make sure that you’re not using dark colors.

The more light that you can bring in and reflect, the better. To begin with, use white walls and paint the trim around your window white as well.

Use a light colored floor such as white or beige. If this is not possible because of the type of flooring you have or because of its condition, then use carpeting instead of tile or hardwood floors.

Choose furniture that is light in color when possible – lighter woods tend to recede into the background whereas darker ones will overpower whatever else is going on in the room.

When choosing a bedspread for example, if it has flowers on it then choose something more muted than bright reds or oranges (also avoid patterns).

Keep it simple.

If your bedroom is small and you have limited space, remember that less is more.

Choose a simple color scheme that incorporates neutrals like white, cream, or gray with one or two accent colors such as red or blue.

Use furniture that has clean lines and doesn’t take up too much room.

Avoid items with ornate details; instead go for something basic yet stylish such as an ottoman instead of a coffee table or storage cubes rather than bookshelves.

Instead of using artwork to fill up the wall, try incorporating mirrors into the design by adding them over the bedside tables or in corners where they can reflect light into dark areas without taking up much room at all (you’ll still need something on those walls though!).

Go for blinds rather than curtains to avoid making them too bulky; just make sure they’re still long enough so no one can see through them when closed!

Don’t forget about lighting too! It’s important not only for seeing but also creating ambiance—especially in smaller spaces where there isn’t enough natural light coming through windows during daytime hours due to lack thereof). You want enough illumination so as not

Utilize multifunctional furniture.

This is an easy way to maximize the space in your small spare bedroom without spending much money. By using furniture that serves multiple purposes, you can make more out of the space you have and maximize it even further.

For example, use a chest of drawers as a place to store folded clothes or shoes when not being used as a bedside table – something that may otherwise be unusable because of its size when converted into another purpose (such as storage).

Similarly, consider using multi-purpose furniture such as a sofa bed instead of purchasing separate pieces for sleeping and sitting.

Use a lofted bed or bunk beds.

Lofted beds and bunk beds can be used in a small bedroom to make it feel bigger. The space under the bed can be used for storage, which makes it efficient and functional.

Bunk beds can also be used by children or adults alike as they make great sleeping areas but also provide storage space underneath.

If you do decide to go with this option, make sure your bed is sturdy enough to support both you and anyone else who may use the bunk bed with you.

Bunks are another alternative if you don’t want a lofted bed or if your room is just too small for one.

You may even consider adding one in place of your standard twin size mattress; bunks have been known to save space when used correctly!

Get creative with your storage.

There are many ways to get creative with your storage, such as:

  • Open shelves. If you have a large wall in your spare room, then consider hanging some open shelves on it. You can use wooden brackets or hooks to attach the shelf to the wall, then simply place whatever items you require on them.
  • Baskets and containers. For small items such as books and toys that won’t fit into drawers or cabinets, baskets or bins are an excellent solution for storing them neatly out of sight until they’re needed again later on down the line!
  • Closet organizers. If you have a closet in your spare room (or even if you don’t), it can be useful for storing things such as clothes hangers or laundry basket if there’s only space around 8 square feet (or less) available inside here – just make sure that whatever piece of furniture has been chosen fits comfortably within this area before purchasing anything else! Otherwise opt instead for something like EZ Shelves which come pre-assembled so won’t take up much time at all when installing onto existing walls within rooms where space may be limited due either being too big but also/also because not enough room exists between floor levels which prevents installation altogether if not careful about placement decision making processes during construction planning stages prior implementation period.”


It’s great that you are thinking about ways to make your small spare bedroom more useful and inviting. The key is to think outside the box, so to speak!

If you have the room for a lofted bed or bunk beds, use it! You may also want to consider using some space-saving furniture like corner shelving units or wall-mounted desks.

Just remember that with these creative solutions comes responsibility—you will need some help from an experienced handyman if they are too complicated (or dangerous) for DIY projects.