How to Turn Your Apartment into a Place You Want to Be

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So, you have finally found your new apartment, even signed the lease documents, and you are all moved in. You are now in a new living space in the context of apartment and neighborhood alike. But the problem is this new place doesn’t make you feel at home. There’s a massive difference between living in an apartment where you merely bank on provisions of necessity such as food, sleep and a home where you feel content.

However, to turn your apartment into a dream place requires you to pinpoint potential issues that bother you. For instance, first, take a look around the area and reflect on things that make you feel uncomfortable. Next, know your limits – you might be on a shoestring budget or limited energy.  

If you still can’t highlight the issues, don’t sweat it. A true sense of home, irrespective of all the surrounding factors, mainly hinges on perception. And it’s possible to nurture an environment of warmth and coziness regardless of where you live.

It’s only you, more than anything, who knows what makes the living space secure, warm, and happy. And brainstorming such ideas and integrating them into the new apartment is the first natural step to cultivate a sense of home.

So, here are some of the apartment makeover ideas for you to take inspiration from and fill your living space with personality and style:

  1. Declutter and organize

Tripping over piles of clutter or even sight of it can irk a person to no end. So, first and foremost, declutter and organize the belongings. If you are in the throes of stacking away your precious belongings, rent a storage unit.

For instance, do you reside in the third-largest city of Colorado, US? In that case, all you need is to type in aurora co storage units and pick the most reliable storage facility to stow the possessions. That way, you won’t have to say goodbye to your belongings. What’s more, you can even access them at your convenience.

Next, if there are things that don’t have a home, try to give them one – this home can either be a closet or a cabinet. Although some people have a hoarding mindset; but, it’s imperative to take decisive measures about which items to purge and which items to store.

  • Enhance the lighting

There’s nothing that screams, “this is home!” as much as additional lighting in your apartment.

Although often overlooked, lighting can turn a dreary atmosphere into cozy. Not only this, but it also tends to make an apartment spacious and luxurious. So, switch the old, unsightly flush-mount fixtures with some new vintage design light fittings in your living rooms.

You don’t always have to go for hardwired ceiling light fittings. Instead, splurge on floor lamps and sconces to brighten up the dark corners. Besides, be sure to use compact fluorescent lamps in each room, similar to incandescent ones, to produce gentle and warm illumination.

That said, scents are another crucial element of beauty in apartments. So, set up fresh plants or light the candles to spread aromatic scents around the home. That feeling of calm the second you step your foot inside the door and let the guard down is what transforms an apartment into a dream home.

  • Revamp the entryway

You don’t need to go much overboard with your apartment decoration. Just a few stylish updates can snowball and make drastic changes to your apartment. For instance, you can add two or more sculptural hooks at the entryway to hang light jackets, bags, hats, and coats.

Likewise, embedding a simple cabinet for grab-and-go items such as glasses and car keys can work wonders for the apartment. You can even place an accent chair at the entryway to slip in and out of your footwear. Lastly, finish the setup by adding a large-size mirror that allows you to complete last-minute makeovers and fits the apartment’s décor.

Once you spruce up your entryway with these decoration ideas, try to keep them in the same way. And ensure you don’t toss around things messily at the entrance.

  • Decorate your apartment

An apartment swarmed with household items never leaves a good impression. And since it is your space to live now; so, decorate it as you fancy. Think of the walls – what do you wish to hang on them? Creative pieces of art you have purchased? Or the artwork you have created in the past?

While it may not be feasible for you to splurge on creating a statement wall; however, you can still try out some art on your apartment walls. For example, give a personal touch by hanging the painting that used to hang on your grandma’s place. Souvenirs or photographs of your loved ones are other examples to make your place aesthetically pleasing and sentimental.

Whichever way you decorate, ensure it aligns with your preferences and is cohesive with the décor scheme. If it’s not, things might feel out of place, and you may get back to square one.

  • Reshuffle and upgrade the furniture

Instead of lugging furniture (one that has outlasted its lifespan) in your apartment, try to get your hands on a new one. That way, you could save yourself from hassles and recurring headaches.

Table sets, sofas, beds, and seats take up plenty of available space in your apartment. Therefore, carefully think about your choices before you upgrade your furniture. Instead of investing your money in traditional furniture, look for compact seats, foldable tables, and other furniture items with reconfigurable elements. Ensure to select the ones that synchronize well with the interior design of your apartment.

In a similar vein, don’t forget to arrange extra seating for your guest. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and buy luxurious dining chairs. Instead, just a simple assortment of seats can elevate the look of your apartment against an appealing backdrop.

Final Words

An apartment shouldn’t just be a living space that you lock up while leaving and crash when the day ends. Instead, it should be a cozy place that gives off homey vibes. Simple decorations and even design consistencies can captivate warmth and pass these feelings on to help you unwind and de-stress.

Therefore, surround yourself with details that make you feel comfortable. For instance, if you are fond of cooking, refurbish the kitchen with the right appliances. And if you love to binge-watch series, invest your money in a comfy, beautiful couch that complements your apartment.

And while turning your apartment into a place you like it to be might require plenty of endeavors. However, it will most certainly pay off at the end of the day when your living space looks like a dream house. So, revel in this time and be sure to enjoy this fun process!