White Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are to kitchen design what a little black dress is to fashion. They go everywhere. The way you accessorize and choose details make them a perfect fit in any kitchen style or design. Many people choose white cabinetry for the kitchen because it makes the kitchen light and bright and because white looks clean.

In terms of price, white kitchen cabinets are more expensive than some other cabinet styles, but the price actually is determined more by the wood used to make the cabinets than the white paint or vinyl coating. For example, at one home improvement store a 36″ sink base cabinet will cost $116 in oak, $125 in white, and $154 in maple. There are, however, great variations in the cost and the quality of white cabinets.

The paint or coating on white kitchen cabinets can hide the wood used to build the cabinets. For example, the cabinet might be built of particle board, pine, oak, hickory, maple, or most any other kind of wood. It could even be built of plywood. This is an important factor in determining the quality of workmanship in the cabinets.

Choosing white cabinets can be a way to save money by opting for a lower quality material with a good exterior finish. You must keep in mind, however, that kitchens generate a lot of heat and steam. Be sure you choose a material that will not warp or peel.

They are also available in a wide range of styles, making them appropriate in a kitchen of any style. But it is important to match the style of the cabinet doors and the construction style with the style of your kitchen. Here are some tips to help you choose.

  1. White cabinets (or ivory) are very common in traditional style kitchens, especially French and Southern styles. Cabinets in a traditional kitchen generally have a raised-panel door design. Southern style traditional kitchens frequently include glass-panel doors as well. Keep in mind that traditional kitchens tend to be elegant and somewhat formal.
  2. White kitchen cabinets are also popular in country-style kitchens, although natural wood finishes are often preferred. White is most popular in an English country-style or a Victorian bungalow, but it is also very commonly seen in the American farmhouse. Country kitchens by design appear worn and well lived-in, so white cabinets can be freely mixed with other finishes as well.
  3. White can also be freely used in an eclectic style kitchen where absolutely anything goes and woods, finishes and stylistic features are commonly very mixed.
  4. Contemporary style kitchens, whether futuristic or retro, also commonly use “classic” white. In a contemporary kitchen, however, cabinet doors will have flat, smooth surfaces to produce a sleek appearance. Glass, particularly frosted or textured glass, door panels are also commonly used.

White kitchen cabinets can be perfect in any kitchen. In a very small kitchen, white cabinets can create a feeling of greater spaciousness and light. But with attention to door and construction details and care in selecting the right hardware like wall mounted dish rack, white cabinets can be an ideal choice for any kitchen renovation or remodel.

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