Beautiful Cabinet Remodel Ideas For Bathroom 04
Beautiful Cabinet Remodel Ideas For Bathroom 04

33 Beautiful Cabinet Remodel Ideas For Bathroom

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Remodeling your small bathroom can be a challenging task because the space is limited and it is not as roomy as we would like it to be. Small bathrooms may seem to have this impression and may leave you settle for less. But come to think of it, this is where your creativity and wits sets in.

There are a lot of ideas that you can think off that would fit your bathroom. You can still create a bathroom that is luxurious and practical at the same. Having a small bathroom does not mean you cannot have the best. Try and check out some suggestions over the net or from home magazines around.

First, you need to measure the entire bathroom floor. Then project where you can place the powder room, the full bath, tub, and the WC. The shower has to be a little bigger for more room during bathing. Then for door ideas, pockets will work compared to hinged ones. Then for the color, make use of light ones to make it soothing in the eyes and the space will look larger. Make use of clear shower doors to help the room appear spacious. For the cabinets, have them installed at the top of your vanity. Then make use of open shelves. You may also use a full body mirror placed at the back of the main door. Then do not add anymore cabinets to be placed on the floor.

Petite fixtures may also be the perfect choice for your bathroom. They make your bathroom appear spacious and it also reflects elegance and beauty. White color also gives emphasis to the dainty of the room.