Shabby Chic Backyard Fire Pit And Seating Area Design Ideas 42
Shabby Chic Backyard Fire Pit And Seating Area Design Ideas 42

42 Shabby Chic Backyard Fire Pit And Seating Area Design Ideas

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More and more people are choosing to spend time in their back yards and gardens entertaining friends and family. If you are thinking of building any sort of barbeque cooking area then you should consider outdoor fire pits. They not only are an amazing looking feature but also cook your food and keep you warm. These simple design fire pits are becoming very popular and you can find them in several different designs and sizes.

When deciding which style of outdoor pits to choose you will need to consider your needs, budget and taste. Although the fire pits can look great you do not want it to overpower the garden and be the only thing that you see. You will need to consider how much food you want to cook and where in your back yard you want the pits placed. If you are building a separate seating eating area then this is an ideal place for the outdoor pits. You can have some seating placed around the fire pit for your guests to enjoy the warmth.

You need to ensure that it is away from children and animals and whenever it is lit that someone is watching it. Although they are great items to have you do need to remember that it is still fire and can be dangerous. There are several different designs of fire pits and you can buy table top and gas ones for ease of use.

Portable fire pits are fantastic as they can be stored away when not in use and take no building work at all. Although you will find that you are using it often and it won’t get put away for some months. You can find this style in many stores and garden centers and they will be very affordable.

If you want to have a proper stone pit then you may need to ask for help when building it unless you are very confident in what you are doing. Although the concept of building the pits is quite easy it does have to be done correctly. Once your fire pits are in place then you can begin enjoying it they are fantastic for keeping everyone warm on long winter nights.

You can also cook some great foods on your outdoor fire pits and everything you place on it will taste fantastic. Your children will love the idea of being able to toast marshmallows with ease.

You can have a whole area specially built around your outdoor fire pits so that you and your family can sit around it talking and telling stories. Once you have a source of warmth in your garden then you will find that friends and family will stay longer and spend more time in your house.

They are an amazing focal point for your garden and other people will want one once they see how easy they are to install and use. You will soon be spending many nights hosting parties in your garden and enjoying every aspect of your garden.