Lovely Heart Themed Valentine'S Day Diy Ideas For Office 33
Lovely Heart Themed Valentine'S Day Diy Ideas For Office 33

47 Lovely Heart Themed Valentine’S Day Diy Ideas For Office

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Sure, the traditional Valentine’s day gifts of candy and flowers can be lovely – and if you really want to spend the bucks (or of course, if it’s become a tradition for you), jewelry is wonderful as long as it expresses the right sentiment.

However, if you are struggling for a gift idea and want to be just a little different, one of the ways you can offer something unexpected to your lady-love (or even to an adored female relative) is to give a gift that enhances their experience at home.

Think about it: home is a very personal space. Wouldn’t you think that anything you can do to help make her home a restful retreat from work and other obligations would be noticed and appreciated? Here are a few ideas for gifts that are both functional and pretty – they can even be heart-shaped, just for Valentine’s Day!

Trinket boxes – these come in many sizes and decorative styles, but the romantic heart shape can mean anything from “I care” to “I adore you.” Trinket boxes are feminine touches for dressers, vanity tables, even bathroom counter tops – anyplace small treasures need to be stored.

Scented sachets – while some sachets are merely paper packets filled with smelly-good stuff, a sweeter and more substantial choice is a ceramic heart you can fill with potpourri and place in a closet or dresser drawer.

Dishes – not the kitchen variety, but again, something that can be placed on the dresser or vanity table to corral small personal items, or even on a home-office desk to hold paper clips or other small necessities. All the better if it bears a romantic design featuring flowers, hearts or other pretty themes.