Modern Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink Ideas 41
Modern Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink Ideas 41

47 Modern Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink Ideas

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Different Mounts

There are four different types of mounts for a sink: under-mount, surface mount, free standing, and the apron. An under-mount sink mounts under the counter and the rim is not visible. Sinks with a surface mount are set into precut holes and are suspended by the visible rim. The modern free-standing sink is more of a bowl on a pedestal, and they are often used when there is no countertop to tend with, making them less than ideal for your granite countertops.

The apron sink is often referred to as a farmhouse sink and therefore typically has a deeper basin for cleaning vegetables and large pots/pans required for farmhouse cooking. The rim rides above the countertop that surrounds it so water runoff won’t harm the cabinets and counter. These sinks rarely have predrilled holes for faucets as they are usually run through the cabinetry for ease in removal and installation.

Different Styles

Sinks have become so versatile that it has become possible to find the sink to perfectly match the room. Styles range from traditional to contemporary, futuristic to artsy.

Everything about the sink, from its shape/depth to the faucets and spouts can be created to your specificity. Whether it has single or double basins, faucets with spray capabilities or a garbage disposal, there is a sink perfect for your space.

Many times the size of the sink is determined by the amount of under-counter space as well as actual counter space. Knowing your desired look will help in knowing what material to use.

Different Materials

Materials for a sink vary from traditional porcelain to contemporary stainless steel.

Traditional porcelain and modern glass are still used, but because of their fragility, other textiles are often sought after.

Stainless steel has become the most common in material for sinks due to its simplicity in cleaning and upkeep. With minimal effort, a stainless steel sink can last a lifetime.

Relatively scratch and heat resistant, granite sinks and sinks made from composite materials designed to look like granite are increasing in popularity. With a granite countertop, a granite sink can adhere and blend the uniformity of the look of your counter.

Copper and brass can be used to add a hint of class and elegance. Highly resistant to stains and discoloration, these materials usually become more elegant with age. Generally more expensive, the use of copper or brass sinks can be beautiful yet costly.