Stylish Country Style Kitchen Decor Ideas 37
Stylish Country Style Kitchen Decor Ideas 37

50 Stylish Country Style Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Country kitchens have such a comfortable, homely feel about them is it any wonder they are still such a popular kitchen theme. Most country kitchen decor focuses on the use of natural materials, obviously because there weren’t the modern man-made materials around in the era of early rural life.

The rustic charm of country kitchen decor begins with the walls of the kitchen. You want these to be made from natural material like rough bricks, or wood or if the walls are made from plaster, you want them painted in a neutral earthy color.

The floors of country style kitchens are usually made from wood or some have professionally laid brickwork which really adds a lot of authenticity to the look of the kitchen. You could also use tiles with a matt finish in rich earthy colors.

The ceiling of the kitchen is usually distinguished by large open beams and a country kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a bricked fireplace.

Country kitchen decor includes the use of open shelves, with cabinets and buffets made from wood that is roughly finished. These are filled with stoneware and earthenware plates, dishes and jugs.

Pots were usually made of cast iron or copper and were usually kept on the fire stove, so you want to include these items in your country theme. Using weaved baskets for storage also adds a nice touch.

The kitchen always had a large wooden table as the centrepiece. Here vegetables for the evening meal were peeled and prepared, meals were eaten and family members gathered together. The kitchen was the hub of the home, as it still appears to be these days.

The table was always heavy, solid, and roughly finished wood, with solid wooden roughly hewed chairs to match. It was simply decorated with maybe a jug of freshly picked meadow flowers.

Country kitchen decor has a simple, rustic charm that will always be appealing to home owners wanting a little piece of that unpretentious, rural atmosphere within their home.