Cool Office Desk Decoration Ideas 28
Cool Office Desk Decoration Ideas 28

48 Cool Office Desk Decoration Ideas

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Bored in your tiny cubicle? Feel suffocated by monotony or dullness in your home office? It doesn’t have to be that way! The market is rife with exciting office desk decor that will liven up even the most mundane of places – and go well beyond the basic potted plant, candy dish, and perpetual calendar.

Have fun at work and dress up that boring desk with desk toys, unique office supplies, office games, and funny office signs. Let’s look at some of the best accessories, gadgets, toys, and more to add some of your own unique personality to your cubicle or desktop while giving your coworkers something to smile (or talk) about.

Humorous Cubicle Decor to Brighten Your Day

Even the most serious jobs done at the most pristine desks can use a little lightheartedness every now and then. Some of the most sought-after office decor items are those that are considered to be humorous or even downright “silly.” Others are just plain “cool.” You don’t have to be the office prankster to enjoy these fun office decor products:

1. Clocks – from a time machine clock to a clock for golf enthusiasts that suspends the hour and minutes in mid-air, keeping track of time was never so fun. You’ll even find a clock made like an 8-ball with legs and a clock powered by water!

2. Signs – go beyond the traditional humorous office signs with magnetized versions that snap easily onto your file cabinet. With sayings like “Notice: Problems – Next Office” and “I’m Not Bossy – I Just Have Better Ideas” – you’re sure to get a quick smile from all who pass by.

3. Radios – bring your love of music to the office with clever radios shaped like pigs, briefcases, and more – sure to have you dancing your way through even the most boring day.

4. Floor mats – with whimsical mats for your floor (such as a “manhole cover” or a “Did you remember to wipe?” slogan), you’ll liven up even the stiffest crowd.

5. Desk toppers – from classic “chomping teeth,” desktop aquariums, dancing hamsters, and magical floating picture frames – your desk will become a real “trip” to your coworkers. Posters – bring some humor (or inspiration) to your dreary walls with posters that give you something to think about; with options like “Einstein E=MC^2” and “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes,” you’ll have more to look at than drab drywall all day.

6. Lamps – who said you are stuck with the same desk lamp as the average Joe? With options like an alien head lamp, lava lamp, and more – you can show your unique side and have an excellent conversation piece, too.