Outstanding Chic Sofa Decoration That Make Your Place Look Cool 44
Outstanding Chic Sofa Decoration That Make Your Place Look Cool 44

48 Outstanding Chic Sofa Decoration That Make Your Place Look Cool

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Good use of shabby chic chairs and sofas is a great way to help you create the perfect shabby chic sitting room, one that is romantic and inviting, whilst being elegant and sophisticated. Think comfort, throw extra pillows onto the sofa, place an old quilt or rug over a chair.

Make it easy for family and friends to get cosy in your home. This style is quite the opposite of intimidating – it is warm and inviting. If you get it right your visitors will never want to leave.

An elegant shabby chic sitting room, does not have to be expensive to create, you can transform old and worn pieces into works of art.

Keep your eyes peeled at boot sales and antique fairs, or even take a look around your own garage or loft – you never know what you might find.

An old wooden chair might not catch the eye if it is brown and dreary, but imagine it with a fresh coat of white, pale pink or muted green paint. Then imagine that painted chair tucked into a sparse corner of your sitting room, with a vase of wild flowers on the seat.

Or if you want to make it a little more inviting, you can find scraps of quilts, fringe or fabric pieces that you may have lying about the house and cover the seat.

If creating a seat cover seems a little bit too tricky, then simply throw a quilt or blanket over it – there are many ways that you can create a style that works for you.

If making your own shabby chic sofas and chairs seems a little ambitious, then there are plenty of places that sell exactly what you will need.

From white painted, distressed wooden chairs, to luxurious armchairs and plump comfy sofas, your shabby chic sitting room dream will not be far away.

If you want to bring a touch of French ch√Ęteau, your shabby chic sofas and chairs should be all about gold gilt and silk. There are a variety of handmade sofas and armchairs available that include real damask and silk upholstery, ornate floral carvings and scroll cabriole legs.

It is also possible to get ones that have been hand gilded with real gold leaf. These pieces will bring a touch of opulence and class, whilst still creating a feeling of comfort and cosiness.

Once you have sourced the large statement pieces for your sitting room, you can compliment them beautifully with less expensive wooden chairs. Again you can find shabby chic chairs that have been hand painted and distressed to give that old worn look, that is central to the style.

You could place a single chair under a well lit window standing alone as an artisan feature, or arrange a number of vintage chairs together.