Attractive Ideas Decorate Above The Sofa 12
Attractive Ideas Decorate Above The Sofa 12

47 Attractive Ideas Decorate Above The Sofa

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A sofa is your best friend. A sofa is a statement piece. A sofa is so much more than just a place to sit and chill. Every sofa has a story. And you need to find the best sofa that speaks to you, understands you and above all puts your comfort first. The sofa is one master-piece where a man can unwind, enjoy & sleep.

We all love to laze around on a sunny day with nothing to do. Sofas are the centre focus of your living room. An investment in comfort and easy maintenance spread over many years is what is the main concern whilst sofa shopping.

For your living room; based on the constraints you have namely space, size and functionality you can opt for a truly customizable setup. Take your pick from a wide variety such as a 2 seater sofa or a 3 seater sofa and pair the same up with a single seater sofa or a chaise lounge.

Once you have the setup locked in, look at customizing your sofa for a look and feel that matches the decor of your living room. Choose from a varied set of finishing’s such as Leather, Fabric, Leatherette and Nappa Aire to really bring out your style also lend to the overall look and feel of the living room.

Intelligent sofas like the L shaped sofa fit into almost any nook and cranny and Modular sofas can be adapted to suit any living space with a huge amount of customisation. If your living room is your only room, opt for a sofa cum bed that also doubles up as a bed.

Talking from a functional point of view along with an interest in aesthetics people look at getting the most out of their spaces. People with a keen sense of space saving may go in for a Sofa cum bed or a Day bed that adds twice the value to your space as it can be used for both sitting and sleeping alternately.

Coming to the Office space, sofas are usually assigned to the reception areas or lounge areas so as to facilitate a feeling of comfort and ease in an office environment. These sofas are high on design and extremely functional. Every sofa here serves the simple purpose of making people feel comfortable and at home whilst still being in an office environment.

A recent trend that’s been observed where in the furniture and accessories brought into office spaces are highly comfortable and functional to create an experience that imitates your home. Like the office has become your home away from home.

A small example would be the use of bean bags in conference rooms. Instead of the traditional chairs, quick conference rooms that require team members joining in, bean bags makes it easy for sitting accommodations.

So, based on the above we have a clear demarcation for the types of sofas in a selective environment such as a home or an office. One of the most sought after furniture items, it serves as the ultimate comfort layer & also doubles as a bed.