Relaxing Aquascaping Ideas You Will Totally Love 32
Relaxing Aquascaping Ideas You Will Totally Love 32

45 Relaxing Aquascaping Ideas You Will Totally Love

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Aquarium is something which adds a beauty to the place where it rests. You must be thinking what Aquascaping is. “Aquascaping” is a process in which customized usage of rocks, driftwoods and plants in done in such a manner that adds a glow to the beauty of that Aquarium.

Aquarium can be processed by unnatural ways also using sunken plastic ships, treasure chests, plastic plants usage etc but the former one i.e. natural way is much more preferred for its decoration. But there is one thing to be kept in mind is that the design of Aquarium must compliment to fish inhabiting the tanks while you do Aquascaping.

Let us focus on how to Aquascape your Aquarium:

Using living plants will add a new dimension to your Aquarium tank in Aquascaping project. Floating of living plants in tank gives a feeling which is soothing and relaxing and definitely makes the looks of the Aquarium gorgeous. But remember that these natural plants should not be put in a tank where an herbivorous fish resides as they can eat the plant.

In this case always opt for plastic plants or you can say artificial plants which are available in a variety to choose from.

Secondly make use of driftwood as currently there is a trend to use driftwood in Aquariums. But going for a driftwood for your aquarium can be quite expensive which can make a big hole in some aquarium owners.

So you can simply go for a small piece of driftwood which can be easily found on the beach but you need to put that piece in quarantine tank for at least a couple of days and when the PH levels of this driftwood piece match with your Ph level of tank than you can use this driftwood.

After this process make sure that driftwood is clean and can be used with the tank. Using driftwood will definitely enhance the beauty of your Aquarium.

Last but not the least using stones for your Aquascaping project is one of the most creative ideas to look at during Aquascaping your Aquarium. You must consider some really important things in mind before adding stones to your fish tank.

Stones with points and having sharp edges must be avoided as they really harm the fish in the tank as their underbelly can slice with these sharp edged stones. A bunch of rocks together looks more beautiful in fish tank, so in order to do that you need to glue all the rocks together with aquarium safe silicon glue.