Elegant Tiny House Design Ideas 30
Elegant Tiny House Design Ideas 30

47 Elegant Tiny House Design Ideas

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Last month, while browsing through the endless collection of Netflix, I stumble upon a documentary about a young man’s attempt to build his own small starter house with a very limited budget.

The documentary is called Tiny: A Story about Living Small in case you’re interested. You can even find this documentary on YouTube.

Building a house? Is that not like difficult, you ask? Most likely, but what intrigued me was that many eco homes were small and simple enough where a complete beginner, with no experience, can complete one with time.

Of course, building a small home, even a simple, one is no easy task with many unforeseen bumps on the road, which is portrayed in the above documentary.

While searching through the internet for information and examples of these small eco homes, I began to realize that these eco homes can be quite luxurious and comfortable. Some homes are even works of art, like the Taliesin Mod.Fab home.

These homes have little or none environmental impact and sustainable by generating their own electricity and water. Best of all, many of these eco homes are cheap by using recycled materials, easy to assemble on site or at the factory, and some simple enough where you can build it yourself if you have the time.

Using the Taliesin Mod.Fab home, as an example, this eco home uses panelized construction for quick and economical assembly.

This highly sustainable home can even be used off the grid, if you desire, by using photovoltaics for electricity, natural ventilation, rainwater collection system, greywater system to reduce energy and water use. In addition, this eco house looks like it belongs next to a museum.

On the other side of the coin, a solar cabin by LaMar Alexander evokes familiar images of a small wooden cabin from Western movies.

Of course, don’t let that image fool you, this small cabin is equipped for solar panels, wind power generators, rainwater harvesting system, greywater collection system, solar composting toilet, and propane heated shower.

On top of that, this cabin can sleep 6 people comfortably, but, best of all, the home can be built for $2,000.

These are just two examples of what tiny, eco homes can offer. Whether for the those on a budget on a starter home or an eco friendly conscious buyer, tiny houses are affordable, minimal environmental impact, and flexible to your needs.