Awesome Feminine Bedroom Decor Ideas 35
Awesome Feminine Bedroom Decor Ideas 35

41 Awesome Feminine Bedroom Decor Ideas

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If you are a pampered girl it would always show in your personality, your dresses, your choices, and even your bedroom. Even if you are a housewife you may like to decorate your little girl’s room just like you wanted yours to be. A girl’s personality has always been represented with pink color, though no one would really mind if a switch to blue or green is made.

You don’t have to be dumb to be a blonde. You are a woman and your intelligence should peek through all your little pieces that you adorn yourself with and that are spread around in your room.

For a room with a feminine touch, you need to look around and think of solid colors or combination of colors. It totally depends on your choice; you can choose pink or green to show subtle femininity or you can go for orange and blue to show your inner strength.

Always go for what is reflective of your personality rather than what people expect from ‘good girls’ all the time. There’s no harm in going bold and a bit aggressive in your bedroom decor. However, make sure it’s not aggressive as being a typical female you do want people to appreciate your room rather than tag it as a repellent space.

For this reason if you decide to hang up some posters, make sure they are not morally questionable and just reflect your liking for a particular personality or thing.

You can even choose to mix a strong and soft theme by playing around with colors, furniture items, decoration pieces etc. There are many websites that can give you brilliant ideas on how to decorate your room in feminine styles.

In some cases, you may choose to buy the pieces presented online while others may list out items you can buy off the shelf from your local furnishing store at affordable rates.

Besides colors, you can decide to change your furniture too. A soft look should be maintained as otherwise it looks like a pretty hard item. Choice of shape, colors, size all can be done to make it feel like, it belongs to a girl’s (or woman’s) room.

You can play with the way you place your bed and tables and the number of items you display on them. For a woman’s dressing table the cosmetics, jewelry, and perfumes displayed are also evident of the fine choice that she makes and what goes on in her mind.

Finally, you can look around the room and concentrate on all the fixed furnishings like windows, doors, lights, switches etc. The light holders can be chosen in a unique feminine design with a pastel touch. The lighting itself can be subdued.

You can choose a light regulator to control the light at different times of the day. Window and door curtains can be half and full respectively in same theme or even complimentary themes. Hanging ornaments from the roof can be used for a truly unique touch that seeks attention.