Vintage Transistor Radio Kit

Vintage Transistor Radio Kit. See all photos for condition. Ending tuesday at 7:06am pdt.

Vintage Eico Transistor Radio from 60's Kit Etsy
Vintage Eico Transistor Radio from 60's Kit Etsy from

See more ideas about transistors, transistor radio, vintage radio. For the radio constructor we have an archive of vintage circuits (schematics) to build Looks complete but not tested.

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4.5 out of 5 stars (101) $ 39.95 free shipping add to favorites vintage solid sate portable radio ad. See all photos for condition. Cool 50’s shades like robin’s egg/powder blue, seafoam green and bright red or yellow command higher prices.

My First Transistor Radio Was One Of The Most Exciting Gifts I Received As A Child Of The 1950'S And '60'S.

I would have said mail order kit but the circuit board looks too good for an amateur soldering job.shame about that broken ferrite rod. There are three transistors in the kit, two are surface barrier type (philco?) and the other an af transistor (newmarket?)neither of which are marked in the kit with the type number. S 1 p o n y s r z o r e d q 4 u 9 i v.

Vintage, Handmade, Refurbished, Or Modified Electrical Or Electronic.

Unbuilt portable am transistor radio receiver electronic science project kit set. A site for the novice or established collector/restorer of vintage radio sets and electronics.valve (tube) and transistor with information/projects and technical help. 5 out of 5 stars.

S P Q 7 O N S V Q W 1 O O Q P R U E D K.

For the radio constructor we have an archive of vintage circuits (schematics) to build People complain that kids these days aren’t taught to build or fix anything anymore. Condition is used and sold for parts.

Please Ask Any Questions Before Purchasing.

Six transistor am radio kit of parts using solderless breadboard to make mw receiver with fully detailed online instructions this is a kit of electronic parts which will allow you to build a mw am transistor radio using modern parts as detailed at the following link: Jul sun 21, 2013 12:21 am. Works perfectly on one 9 volt battery.

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