6 Ways To Make Your House More Spacious

In today’s jam-packed cities, having an open living space is usually accompanied by a hefty price tag. Not to mention, due to the worldwide stay-at-home orders from governments, we are spending more time than we actually should inside our home, which is making us feel trapped and cramped for space.

However, there are various ways you can make your home more open and spacious without putting in too much effort and money. So, regardless of your home’s size and design, you can easily create more space by manipulating a few aspects of your home. Let us take a look at some ways you can make your home more spacious. Keep reading till the end to ensure you make accurate adjustments to your home. 

  1. Do Some Landscaping

Do you want to have a larger, more spacious house front? If yes, then you can achieve such a thing by following some landscaping tips and tricks. The aim here is to make your front yard appear larger than it is. You can take two different approaches. Number one – you can either plant bushes, flowers, and trees that taper out and around your house’s side. However, ensure that your plants have large leaves. Number two – you can take a minimalist approach and remove trees and bushes altogether to have an open look. 

The course you decide to take will depend on your preferences. If you’re a nature lover, go for the first one. But, if you think you’re better off without it, go for the second one. You can even hire professional tree removal services to clear out your front yard. For example, if you live in Austin, Texas, you can perform a Google search for the term ‘tree removal Austin TX‘ to acquire cost-effective tree removal services. 

  • Declutter, Declutter, And Declutter Some More

Decluttering is an easy way to make your living space more spacious. Everyone can declutter their home with a few resources and an extra pair of hands. If an item isn’t used for decoration purposes or doesn’t see any use, throw it away, store it someplace safe like a storage unit, or donate it to a local charity. To start, go through every room one by one and put away things that you no longer use, such as cardboard boxes, random papers, expired personal care products, etc. 

Also, it would be wise to have a bin dedicated to decluttering. Consider placing it at the bottom of your stairs so that it can become a catch-all for items that are out of place. In fact, you can make it a habit to gather and store every out-of-place item in your decluttering basket at least once or twice a day. Such activity only takes a few minutes of your time and does wonders for maintaining a clean, open living space. 

  • Be Smart With Your Décor Choices

Don’t be afraid to utilize dead space and decorate it with intention. That said, tons of small things scattered around your living space will make it feel more cluttered compared to a few larger decorative pieces. So, consider conducting a ‘do I need this’ scan on desks, countertops, dressers, shelves, and walls. 

First, pick a room and look at its surfaces and walls. Do you like what you see? If you think that a few decorative pieces need to go because they take up unnecessary space, remove them. Of course, keep items that define your style or have meaning. Then, concentrate décor in specific places, like artwork on your walls, instead of spreading random things everywhere. Doing so will allow you to leave space on walls and surfaces, visually elongating your room and making it look more spacious. 

  • Store Intelligently

Incorporating some creativity into your storage methods will allow you to create a more spacious, open living space. Please keep it simple by having dedicated storage for items that usually cause a mess. For example, you can have a dedicated storage basket for toys. Moreover, instead of resting photo frames on furniture, hang them on the walls. Or rather than randomly throwing blankets on your bed, fold them up, and place them in a chest of drawers or clothes basket. 

You can also purchase multi-functional furniture that doubles up as storage to optimize your living space. For example, ottomans, coffee tables, seats, and beds can be tailored to house hidden storage spaces. You can utilize this hidden storage to keep out-of-place items such as old photo frames, blankets, CDs, and anything else that makes your living space look small and cramped. Furthermore, you can install shelves and wall storage to avoid placing items on your furniture, elongating your walls in the process. 

  • Keep The Furniture Count Low

If you’re considering purchasing new pieces of furniture, consider buying the necessary items only. Placing more and more furniture in a small living space will make it cramped for space. Not to mention, it will appear smaller than it actually is. 

In addition to this, consider purchasing shorter furniture instead of tall pieces. Doing so will help your living space feel and appear much more spacious as it leaves more open space. For example, you can purchase furniture with post-style legs to show more open space. Also, ensure that your chair and sofa choices consist of pieces with low, even armrests and legs. 

  • Use Lighting To Your Advantage

The right lighting choices can make any living space appear and feel larger. So, consider purchasing different lighting fixture types and place them in various areas to add more height to your living space while brightening it up. 

Are you a sucker for natural light? If yes, ensure that your windows are clean. Doing so will allow natural light to come in, giving your home a dimmer effect. Not to mention allowing light with varying intensities to come in from different angles will make your living space more open. 


No matter the size of your house, it isn’t too difficult to make it look more spacious and open. As long as you remain organized, comfortable, relaxed, and follow the tips mentioned in this article, you’ll be on your way to creating a living space that contains both form and function.

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