Adorable Colorful Garden Ideas 35
Adorable Colorful Garden Ideas 35

37 Adorable Colorful Garden Ideas

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All plants are colored, so what is a color garden? Well, some gardeners like to use particular color schemes, choosing either all pastel or all bright colors, for example, rather than just dotting color around the garden at random. A favorite idea is to create a border or even a whole garden of a single color, a particularly popular choice being white.

How do you choose colors for your color gardens? We all know what colors are, although we may see them slightly differently. What we do not all agree on is which colors are pleasing and which are not. Inevitably, because we are all different, our feelings about certain colors or combinations vary dramatically.

Therefore, although there may seem to be codes or formulas for color use, it is important to do what pleases you, after all, the garden is for you. For a long time, mixing oranges and purples would have been deemed one of the worst sins in gardening, but now influential gardeners are much more adventurous and many will readily combine these colors.

So, how do you arrange colors in the garden? Using colors in drifts can make a big impact in a garden, and if the drifts are planted so that they merge harmoniously rather than jump suddenly from one extreme to another, then so much the better. In this way mauves might merge into blues, and yellows into oranges, creating a soft, fluid design that leads the eye around the garden.

If you want to create something more eye catching, then try planting contrasting colors such as orange and mauve together. If you are not brave enough to put them right next each other, use a foliage plant between them to soften the impact. As with so many other aspects of designing gardens, it is best to see how other people use color and then follow those ideas that you like.

Colors can have significant effect on our mood. How colors such as oranges and flame reds are lively and exciting, whereas the lighter pastel colors are cool and soothing. Dark purples are somber and heavy and, if overdone in a garden, can produce a leaden appearance.