Cool French Country Living Room Decorating Ideas 38
Cool French Country Living Room Decorating Ideas 38

38 Cool French Country Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Country living room furniture can actually make your home look good, but only if you know which pieces to pick and when to stop collecting knick knacks. If you go overboard, you may end up looking like a store for a country home rather than a chic home that is inspired by country living.

The Shopping Guide

Homes may differ in terms of style, but recreating the country feel with country living room furniture is quite easy. First, you need to know what should go into your shopping guide. Before you worry about the cost, the list is quite small. Furniture necessary in creating a country living feel usually includes a beautiful wooden coffee table with a nice, deep finish and some accents.

When you already have a wooden coffee table, there is no need to match your sofa by buying an all-wood one. This creates a log cabin feel, which is something that you do not want. The country living essence is easier to achieve and more reasonable when you only have a few elements.

After the wooden coffee table, you can also scout around for wooden side tables for both ends of your living room sofa. It is best that you try to buy these things within the same color hue for an all-over coordinated look.

So now you have the wooden coffee table, the wooden side tables – the last thing that you need is a cozy-looking rocking chair that you can dress up to make it look less grandma-ish and more modern home with a comfy country feel. This brings the furniture list to an end, so you can now move on to identifying the other stuff you need to get to enhance the country feel in your living room.

Accents to Invest In

Plushy throw pillow in interesting patterns and cheerful designs are necessary. Buy different throw pillow cases and do not be afraid to mix and match various patterns because on a plain beige sofa, they will get along quite merrily.

To accent your wooden coffee table, try to look for a simple centerpiece such as hand blown glass or a wrought iron decorative item to contrast with the table. A total opposite of what you might expect will further highlight the appreciative factor of your coffee table because the things do not blend in so much.

Other accents include low-lighting table lamps and candle holders you can strategically place around the living room to create that cozy feel. That is usually what most people are after anyway – to inject the homey feel of a country living room into their home by way of furniture and accents.

To further amp up the “warmth”, add to the busyness of the room by stacking together an interesting assortment of coffee table books onto one side of the living room set up. It is a more laid-back way of displaying books rather than keeping them on a shelf, and the colors one can spy on the spine of such books add to the playful vibe of your country living-inspired room without making things look too dowdy.