Creative Coastal Bathroom Designs Ideas 13
Creative Coastal Bathroom Designs Ideas 13

37 Creative Coastal Bathroom Designs Ideas

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Do you love to go beach combing? If you like to be by the sea then think about moving into a beach house, your very own home.

Consider decorating your home with coastal theme decorations and furnishings. If you think that it is too hard to do then you are mistaken. It is quite easy and it is something you can pull off by not spending too much money at all.

If you have a big budget then great, but if you do not, do not let it stop you from changing your home decor to represent the coast.

You can easily visit thrift shops, resale shops and garage sales and even to pick up super cheap finds that can be implemented into your beach cottage home.

Give it a try, you might like it.

First, you will want to start with just one room at a time. Changing the whole house around at once is not a good idea and can result in frustration when you do not see any progress.

Pick a room that is small enough to not be so overwhelming, like a bathroom or guest bathroom.

This way, if you do not like the way it looks, it is not a big deal and you can change it to something else; however, you most likely will love your new bathroom design.

Pick some favorite colors that you feel will make you think of the beach. Some great color choices include white, beige, blues and yellow colors. You can also check out some beach type magazines that will help you get in the mood and give you plenty of ideas to decorate that room.

After you have picked out those colors then get to work on bringing your bathroom together. Purchase some bath and hand towels that will match your colors.

Towels can be easily displayed on racks and laid out on counters and will really bring your room decor together.

Add seashells to a large pretty bowl or you can also fill some apothecary jars with sand and seashells and set them out to be displayed.

If you live close to the beach you can also take your camera the next time you head out. Take snapshots of seagulls, seashells and beach houses. Later, you can pick out your favorites and frame them and hang them up in your new beach themed bathroom.