Cute Couples Apartment Decorating Ideas 29
Cute Couples Apartment Decorating Ideas 29

46 Cute Couples Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Recently, my husband got a new job and we shifted to a bigger city. While the total shift was extremely strenuous and hectic, the thing that bothered us the most was accommodation. Since it was his new job, we didn’t even have the resources to buy a new house or apartment. This left us scratching our head, with no promising way out.

It was at this point of time that a close family friend came up with a brilliant idea. He advised us to take a serviced apartment on rent, at least till we reach a state to own a property. This solved our problem immediately. Within a brief time-span, we got our dream rented property and shifted there. As we always lived in suburban areas and never owned an apartment, we had no idea what its benefits were. After six months of stay, I intend to share the advantages with my readers.

More time for family

During our stay in the rented penthouse, we welcomed a new member to our family – our cute daughter. As a newborn baby, she needed all the care and attention; with no upkeep tasks for our leased property, we had so much time to look after our daughter. Again, since we did not have a lot of space to stock trash items, we ended up spending less cash.

Before we bought anything, we always kept the space constraints in mind. Besides, the residential apartment that we live in, include a range of amenities – playground, gymnasium, swimming pool, lift service and so on. We have round-the-clock access to free leisure – something that every guardian looks forward to.

More entertainment for kids

Usually, big cities have superb resources for kids, which you won’t easily find in suburban areas or small towns. Sometimes, these rented apartments have library sections as well. This includes wonderful books and magazines for kids, especially fairy tales and adventurous short stories. This way, parents interact and avail the chance to meet other guardians and make new friendship.