Affordable Small Powder Room Decor And Design Ideas 02
Affordable Small Powder Room Decor And Design Ideas 02

47 Affordable Small Powder Room Decor And Design Ideas

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What is the one room that outsiders and guests use most often? Of course it’s the powder room. Usually one of the smallest rooms in the home, the powder room is comprised of some very basic elements. Unlike other areas of the home where countless variables come into play it’s primarily the vanity, mirror and lighting that set the whole tone for the powder room.
Powder rooms should be the showplace of your home. Sooner or later all your guests will make their way to this under rated yet very essential area of your home.

When it comes to decorating the powder room, there is only one rule that needs to be followed: There are no rules! Powder rooms should be like original works of art in that no two are the same. This is the room where the home owner’s style should shine through. Whether traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between, keep these tips in mind when planning your “Masterpiece”.

-Know your personality and style- List 3 adjectives to describe your personality. Say, for example, you’re shy, quiet and patient then you may want your surroundings to be serene and soothing. On the other hand, if you like a lot of drama you may want your powder room to be dramatic as you.

-Work with your wall finishes and colors- A faux finish or wallpaper can have a large impact without redoing anything structurally. If you like rich, dark colors, don’t be concerned that it will make the space look smaller. This is the room to display your personality. Don’t forget to include the ceiling when addressing finishes.

-Flooring- To add color and warmth to any room, area rugs are the key. Avoid typical rugs designed for the bathroom and look for area rugs with style and pattern.

-Accessorize- Even a small non-descript bathroom can be given style through the careful selection and position of accessories-some functional, some not. The essentials are obvious: towel bars, soap dishes and waste baskets. Make your guests feel pampered by having hand soap and lotion with aromatherapy.

-Add Pizzazz to generic-looking vanities- If your budget doesn’t allow replacing builder-grade cabinets then think about faux finishing or painting to update a tired look. For an additional update, add or replace cabinet hardware.

-Take a close look at the Lighting- Lighting has the largest impact in a small room. If your bathroom fixture is outdated then replace it! Purchase a fixture that blends with the style of the room. Determine the space you have and choose a fixture that has the most impact in that space. Remember, safety first! If you have no experiences with electricity then hire a professional electrician to install the fixture. Always put fixtures on dimmers if possible.