Stunning Valentine'S Day Decoration Ideas For Your Office 39
Stunning Valentine'S Day Decoration Ideas For Your Office 39

48 Stunning Valentine’S Day Decoration Ideas For Your Office

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I’ll be the first to admit that although office supplies can be considered to be many things – romantic isn’t necessarily one of them in the eyes of most people. Given that it’s Valentine’s Day though, today seemed as good a day as any to try and uncover some office trinkets, accessories and stationery which provide at least a glimmer of heart-warming sentiment.

After a little searching I’ve managed to uncover a selection of little items which should help to set the scene for office romance a little better than a stapler or solar panel adorned calculator…whilst also serving a legitimate and useful office function.

Heart-Shaped Post-It Notes

These heart-shaped, sticky memo notes are just the ticket for spreading a little love round the office on any day of the year. Whilst the more traditional yellow post-it note often induces a sense of dread for the recipient, these bright and cute sheets will warm the cockles (whilst also demanding they write a report within 2 hours). Spread naughty messages around the office, decorate your monitor with attractive reminders or indeed write ‘kick me’ on one and affix it to a nearby jacket.

Heart Pattern Filofax

The Filofax is an institution; it evokes memories of outrageous hair, even more outrageous suits and a time before the laptop and mobile phone monopolised our attention. You’ll be glad to hear that this iconic scheduler extraordinaire is still very much alive and kicking but clad in contemporary covers – including an ‘awww’ inducing pink with hearts design. Give the gift of well organised love and your anniversary will never be forgotten again – alternatively get it as a gift to yourself to show sensitivity and a flair for nostalgia to all who glance in your bag or briefcase.

Pink Rollerball Pen

The pen is at its mightiest over the Valentine’s season. For a start, how romantic can you really be with a sword? (Please don’t answer that). From scribing sweet nothings in a card through to jotting down pertinent thoughts in your new heart clad Filofax; a suitable pen is an absolute must. A two-tone pink, ergonomic rollerball is precisely what you need. A specially contoured grip prevents aching while you pen a heart-felt sonnet and a rollerball tip which prevents blotting means no unsightly ink spots and blotches. Furthermore, if you do decide to treat your sweetheart or colleagues to heart shaped post-it notes then they’ll need something to write on them with.