Stylish Valentine Wall Decoration Ideas 43
Stylish Valentine Wall Decoration Ideas 43

49 Stylish Valentine Wall Decoration Ideas

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Valentine’s day buzz is in full bloom, and all the couples are busy brainstorming what to gift their Valentines, that makes it really special for them. There are plenty of eye catching options available in the market, but nothing captures the heart like a handmade gift. A handmade gift is sure to bring a smile on your sweethearts face.

Valentine’s day craft activities are very easy and interesting. Some basic craft stuff can make it really easy for you, to prepare a nice, cute, romantic handcrafted gift for your Valentine. It can be a gift, a decoration piece, a nice handmade gift wrap, a delicious meal, or just even a dessert. Anything lovingly prepared is lovable.

The easiest of the crafts for guys is jewelry. Beaded jewelry is the easiest to craft. Just get some nice beads, and strings, put them together to make some mesmerizing pieces of jewelry like anklets, bracelets, necklaces, armlets etc. Apart from jewelry, most of the gift or decor crafts are not restricted to any particular gender.

You can craft nice pink cushion covers, or bed throw covers, with a love message on them. If you are not really good with the needle and the thread, you can easily avail different shapes and designs of cloth patches that you can paste on to the cushion cover.

Similarly you can, also craft some nice lampshades. Just get a basic metal lampshade and decorate it with your choice of cloth or jute shade decor accessories. If you are good with colors and the brush, you can get a plain glass lampshade and paint something romantic on it, like a heart, an angel or even a plain cupid.

Get creative and splash your colors of love onto a beautiful addition to your bedroom. Another decor craft for the occasion of Valentine’s day can be making heart shaped, flower wreath, decorated with ribbons and other decorative items.

All couples look for a great dining experience to end the day with. A candle light dinner wins hands down. You can add to the charm by dropping a personal touch to these special candles for the night. Make a variety of colored and scented candles for your beloved. Just get some transparent candle gel, candle colors, aroma oils and put them together in a nice wine glass with sequins, shells, flower petals or glitter inside. Decorate them with ribbons, heart stickers and love notes to make it all the more special.

Wall hangings, photo frames, photo albums are also some of the easy things that you can make. Wall hanging depends on what ever you are more comfortable with, cloth painting, silk painting, glass painting, canvas painting or anything. If you are not so talented, crafting a romantic, Valentine’s day cardboard photo frame is also very easy and quick to make.

Just put in a nice photograph of you to into it and make a great table top memoir. Photo albums basically fall under the handmade paper crafts category which has a lot of other enticing options. Make a nice photo album using decorative, textured handmade paper, with some of your best pictures put together, and sprinkle a little bit of scent to it!

Some of the handmade paper crafts that look absolutely stunning and aesthetically beautiful, and make great Valentine’s day gifts, are handmade cards, envelopes, paper gift boxes, gift bags, lamps, flowers and more. Making a handmade card or an envelope is a very easy craft. Just choose your style, colors, message and get going.

Similarly for handmade paper gift boxes, gift bags and other wrappings. Pour your heart out in the form of romantic poetic writings on these boxes and dedicate these precious gifts wraps to your darling valentine.