Lovely Valentine Yard Decoration Ideas 06
Lovely Valentine Yard Decoration Ideas 06

48 Lovely Valentine Yard Decoration Ideas

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If you are a couple living together then a time may come when you are so comfortable together that you forget about romance. Well, keeping the love burning and the romance going is essential for any committed relationship. If you have a garden then you can make use of it by adding some romance and surprises for your loved one.

Have a garden picnic. Get some mason jars with wiring around them that allow them to hang. Place a candle in each jar and hang them from the trees in your garden. Place about six to ten of the candle-lit jars around the picnic blanket. Place a carpet under the blanket so that it is a bit more solid for your picnic basket and drinks.

Get a few fairy lights and hang them in your garden tree. You’ll need to get a bit creative with this part. Print a few hearts, glue them on to cardboard and cut them out. Pierce a hole at the top of the heart and pull a string through it. Then hang these heart ornaments from the tree. This will create a romantic picnic set up in your own garden for both of you to enjoy.

Fall in love with Valentine’s Day. Print a few pictures of hearts and cupid. Glue them onto cardboard and attach a string to them. Hang them in your garden. If you have flowers in your garden, they can form part of your decorations. If your flowers are not red, you can get a floral spray paint in red and spray all your flowers red.

You can take some of those printed hearts and glue them on a piece of stiff wire. If you have a flagstone tiled pathway, you can stick the hearts in the ground along the sides of the pathway. Get a few lanterns and alternate them with the hearts to create a soft romantic lighting effect. With the cupid pictures that you’ve printed, cut out the arrows.

Get a ball of cotton wool that is proportionate to the size of the cupid. Glue cupid onto the cotton wool ball. This will look like cupid is sitting on a cloud. Place these cupids on clouds in the tree or on a high surface so that it looks like they’re floating in the air.

Take the arrows that you had cut out and stick a piece of double sided tape behind it. As your guests spot the cupid in the trees, stick the arrow on them. They’ve been shot by cupid’s arrow. This is a bit of decorative Valentine’s fun and works well if you are chilling at your stone tiled braai pit in your back yard.