Beautiful Outdoor Decor Ideas With Christmas Lights 01
Beautiful Outdoor Decor Ideas With Christmas Lights 01

50 Beautiful Outdoor Decor Ideas With Christmas Lights

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With Halloween a distant past and Thanksgiving just about to take place the tell-tale signs of Christmas are appearing. Stores are full of all the glitz and color of home decorations. Already we are beginning to see outdoor displays of Christmas lights appear. Retailers are hoping shoppers will get into the holiday spirit and start to spend.

The Christmas lights with all their magic even attract the Scrooges of the season. Perhaps it’s just an innate inclination to be drawn to pretty, sparkly, shiny things that gives us pleasure at this time of year. It is time to start thinking about decorating the outdoors of our homes with Christmas lights. It is time to take stock of last year’s lights and maybe purchase some new ones.

Before you decide on what you need for this year’s display of Christmas lights it is advisable to consider the following items. Your Christmas display will need to have a source of electricity from your existing power box. It is important not to run too many strings of lights to one source thereby overloading it causing problems on that circuit. It is necessary to be sure that the lights that you use are designed for outdoor use and can stand up to our winter weather.

Everywhere you go these days you see LED Christmas lights for outdoors. They can be bought in different designs from LED stars and snowflakes, animals, Christmas tress etc. You can buy them in strings of colors – red, green, yellow, and blue or just white. With the strings you can put your own stamp on your home. Many will use just one color while others prefer the multicolored look.

With the advances in LED Christmas lights they now provide brilliant light and long-lasting color. Their main great advantage is that they save energy, last longer and the bulbs will always remain cool to the touch. Many people go all out with outdoor decorations and some try to out due the next neighbor. Plastic figurines such as Santa Clauses, reindeer or elves have taken the place of the older homemade lawn decorations. The plastic makes them very durable and they stand up to all kinds of inclement weather. These lawn and rooftop decorations either have light bulbs in them or strings of lights outlining them. In the dark they give a bright light.

For the edge of roof lines there are a number of options. Strings of lights can adorn the edge or with icicle lights give the impression of dripping icicles adds to the winter scene. These usually white lights, although we are now seeing them in colors. These strings of lights must be fastened to the edge of the roof usually along the gutters. The best effect is if the strings are kept taut.

Another option is to use rope outdoor lights that have the LED lights inside of them The ropes have the flexibility to be used by winding them around a tree trunk, or to edge something. They give an appearance of a bracelet of lights. They come in a variety of colors, green, red and blue, with white being the most popular.

For bushes and small trees the mini twinkle lights are very popular. Sometimes they have an on off flashing device in them. White seems to be the color of preference and gives the best effect.

If you can not attach your lights to a power source there is battery operated lights. These are usually in small strings and can be used around bushes, door wreaths or artificial Christmas trees.