Lovely Christmas Wreath Decoration Ideas 46
Lovely Christmas Wreath Decoration Ideas 46

48 Lovely Christmas Wreath Decoration Ideas

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Christmas wreath decorating is one of the easiest and most popular holiday decorating ideas in use today. The tradition of decorating with wreaths began in ancient Greece and Rome. Not only were decorative wreaths used in homes during the pagan new year for health, but wreaths were also made with different plants to represent status and skill when worn as a crown. Adaptations of original wreaths have become tradition during Christmas time, but their origins could make Christmas wreaths even more attractive.

During the winter months in ancient Rome, evergreen branches were presented to neighbors as a token for good health. The lush color of evergreens when most plants are dormant provided a visual reminder of strength during the winter months. Eventually these branches were shaped into rings as a sign of eternity or the cycle of life.

The base of the Christmas wreath holds the tradition of goodwill and fortitude. Since we love to embellish our traditions, Christmas wreaths have evolved into gorgeous creations of color, texture and style which are what make Christmas Wreaths a modern must have decoration for the holidays. If you don’t find the perfect one ready made, consider learning how to make Christmas wreaths yourself to get the exact result you are looking for.

Your choice of Christmas wreaths is all about style – yours! Are you elegant and traditional or modern and funky? The holiday decorating style that you already enjoy in your home is a great place to look for inspiration for Christmas wreaths. After all, a wreath on your front door offers your unique brand of “Welcome” to visitors and one indoors speaks to you all season long.

Narrow your choices in half by first considering if you prefer natural or artificial Christmas wreaths. If you like the idea of a holiday tradition that lasts through the years or want to put some effort into making a gorgeous wreath (but only once) then artificial Christmas wreaths are perfect for you. If the properties of natural branches attract you because of the fresh smell or you enjoy the symbolism of evergreens representing eternity and repelling negativity – with a little Bayberry mixed in for good fortune and wealth – then focus on natural wreaths.

Either way, you can make or discover your wreath by looking for decorating clues that are right for you. Follow your decorating color scheme, select accent colors from you decor to highlight your wreath, or try monochromatic adornments against the greenery. Go big or small depending on the space you have and remember, a nice variety of evergreens will add depth and texture to any size wreath.

For a traditional Christmas wreath, look for classic elements like pine cones, berries, ribbon and ornaments. Earthy styles can include apples, real or from the craft store, and an assortment of greenery from your yard. A funky style might call for one of these fun choices found on Goodhousekeeping – a necktie wreath for the recently retired, a cork wreath for a wine lover, or a wreath of cookie cutters for a baker.