Luxurious Tabletop Christmas Trees Ideas 07
Luxurious Tabletop Christmas Trees Ideas 07

50 Luxurious Tabletop Christmas Trees Ideas

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I recently moved from a spacious home and family to a temporary apartment in the city. Although it is a happy time in my life and just a temporary move based on a short term work assignment, I have zero room for a traditional Christmas tree. I barely have room to turn around in my apartment!

I do however have a little bit of counter space which is perfect for a tabletop Christmas tree. I opted for one of the hundreds of choices in natural looking ones, ones that look so real it’s very tough to believe that they are actually artificial! I considered a potted one, but with little light or time to water etc. I opted for one of the great fake ones instead.

My friend Gregoire and family are in a somewhat similar situation. Gregoire, wife Judy, and children Elroy and Jane are having the time of their lives living in Paris for the year. The city has so much to offer than their normal home does not, but there are also some tradeoffs. A primary one is space in their living quarters. Although not exactly cramped, they are small by suburban US standards. They always got a 10 foot or so tree but obviously can’t have anything remotely that size in their Paris residence.