Stunning Christmas Garlands Ideas For Home Decor 41
Stunning Christmas Garlands Ideas For Home Decor 41

48 Stunning Christmas Garlands Ideas For Home Decor

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Cheeky and cheerful more exciting then traditional paper chains and even edible – wrapped sweets Christmas garland. Victorians were keen on using foods to make Christmas decorations they used to make orange and clove promenades by pushing dried Cloves in to an orange which dried over time and emitted a nice aroma.

The Victorian’s made garlands from popcorn by simply threading pieces of popcorn on to a long thread. They then decorated their Christmas tree with the pop corn garland.

You could still make a popcorn garland today from plain or salted popcorn. Once threaded the pop core can be spray painted with a festive metallic paint. Apply the paint in light coats to prevent the popcorn from melting. Whilst the paint is still wet sprinkle over some glitter for extra glamour.

Despite being made from food I don’t really think that anyone would want to eat these Christmas trimmings however, you may want to eat this Christmas decoration idea.

To make the edible wrapped sweets Christmas garland you will need…

Some boiled sweets or toffees, or any other type of sweets wrapped in the traditional way a bit like a Christmas crackers with the twisted ends, and a stapler.

Staple the sweets, wrapper ends together keep going until you run out of sweets. The garland will have a large bead like appearance.

Drape the garland around the Christmas tree. Sweets wrapped in foil or cellophane reflect the Christmas tree lights. Fruity boiled sweets in clear wrappers look a bit like Christmas fairy lights themselves. Experiment yourself with different wrappers.

You could even make yourself a boiled sweets necklace and bangle by stapling the first and last sweets wrappers together. You will be very popular with such a fashion accessory.