Awesome Small Bathroom Makeovers Ideas For Small Space 26
Awesome Small Bathroom Makeovers Ideas For Small Space 26

49 Awesome Small Bathroom Makeovers Ideas For Small Space

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A dull and dreary acrylic tub looking lost and wistful in the corner, bare and uninspiring cold tiles, a water heater that could offend aesthetic sensibilities and that insipid, clunky sink vanity. If these are the elements that people your place, you desperately need a small bathroom makeover.

Isn’t that uniquely private space meant to be an indulgence for life’s most intimately special moments? You may not be an unapologetic eye-candy addict, but wouldn’t you love a place in your home that would exude a seductively intense, hypnotic aura?

Unleash That Innate Exuberance

There are several austere critics that are sure to inveigh against this evocative description. “What about the simply astronomical costs”, will be their tongue-in-cheek reply? Well, those that belong to this bandwidth will find it heartening to know that an ambitious bathroom remodel project can be accomplished with consummate ease without breaking the piggy bank. All you need is to give a free rein to your imagination.

From Boring To Blistering, In Five Steps

If thinking creatively is not exactly up your street, here is some help for you:

  • Massive fixtures, like that antique vanity cabinet or the ponderous bathtub only add to your woes. Get them out as quickly as possible. This is sure to ease your bathroom’s space jam. Let sleek and stylish fixtures set the place on fire.
  • Large windows and skylights allow sunshine to drench the place in a wonderful glow. Bet you don’t want to miss that. Track lighting or even recessed lights lend that Hollywood inspired razzmatazz.
  • Mirrors on the wall remind you of the well-heeled and well-placed existence of the space. Another cheaper option is to let your creativity run riot on the walls, and give M F Husain a run for his iconic surname.
  • Tiles in muted shades leave no stone unturned in sweeping onlookers off their feet. Throw in some rugs and mats in similar shades, and you have an idea that’ll simply blow your mind.
  • Drench walls in surreal shades of white, cream and beige. These subdued but sensational hues wrap the space in warmth and elegance.