Stunning Neutral Dining Room Decorating Ideas With Traditional Touch 35
Stunning Neutral Dining Room Decorating Ideas With Traditional Touch 35

48 Stunning Neutral Dining Room Decorating Ideas With Traditional Touch

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I enjoy getting my vintage decorations out of the loft and also looking for new ones to add a contemporary twist to my traditional theme. Here are some ideas which I hope will provide some inspiration for your decorating schemes.

If you have a neutral scheme this is the ideal base for any colour scheme, if you have a main colour in your scheme then try to work with this, for example if you have accents of red already in your room, then try a traditional red and green scheme. If you have blues, use blues and silvers for a stunning scheme. Christmas is a time when you can over the top with your decorations if you want or you could opt for a more sophisticated scheme – anything goes – just choose your favourite!

Key trend for Christmas 

A key trend for this Christmas are images of stags decorating everything from cushions to cards and these can be added to any scheme to bring them bang up to date. You just have to choose the right accessory to add – whether it is a silver coloured stags head, a natural stag on a cushion or a pair of antlers!


Think of Christmas and many people will think of traditional red, green and gold. These colours will work in any style of house and will always make your home feel festive. You can also introduce tartan into your room, either with cushions or by using tartan ribbons in your decorations or use a tartan fabric to wrap the base of your Christmas tree. Use baubles on your tree in one or all three colours and then add twinkling fairylights. I like to use natural decorations such as holly, ivy and pine cones as these will also add a wonderful aroma. You could make a swag to go up the stairs, add some tartan ribbons and cinnamon sticks and oranges studded with cloves to lift the evergreen foliage. You could also use a wreath in this style to add a welcoming touch to your front door.

Jewel Brights

If you favour a more contemporary scheme, use hot pinks, turquoises and purples in your scheme. Use baubles in these colours to create a riot of colour on your Christmas tree. If you want to accessorise your cushions into your scheme, then look for these jewel like colours in silks and velvets to add great textures and a feeling of luxury. If using in the dining room add a simple silk runner to add a splash of colour to your table and use with colourful glass votives for your candles.

Stunning white and silver

An all white scheme with touches of metallic silver will bring a sophisticated look to your Christmas room. These colours are ideal to use in your dining room for Christmas lunch as you can add your sparkling crystal glasses and beautiful white table linen and crockery. Dress your table with scented candles and wonderful Christmas roses.

Scandinavian reds and whites

If you favour a natural look and like to make some of your own decorations then a traditional scandinavian scheme using red and whites is a great look. To add a cosy look add throws in reds and whites and cushions with a woolly texture. Decorations should be simple, made from felt and wood in shapes such as hearts, stars and woodland motifs and in bright red and pure white.


Whichever style you choose Christmas is all about creating a cosy atmosphere to welcome family and friends into your home. Enjoy!

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