Amazing Saving Space Folding Wall Table Ideas 49
Amazing Saving Space Folding Wall Table Ideas 49

49 Amazing Saving Space Folding Wall Table Ideas

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First of all let’s determine what exactly is a living area. Contrary to popular believe, not every single room in your home constitutes a living area. Basically it is any room where you’re not eating or sleeping. This can easily include the actual living room, the den, the recreation room, the family room and your home office.

Each living area needs to have a minimum of furniture, including a chair and table, a coffee table and a floor or desk lamp. This is the minimum but of course you can have so much more than that. You can also add a TV, some extra chairs, a few decorative items such as plants or a painting or two on the walls. However how do you determine what to add to your living area to organize it the proper way?

First you need to consider who will be in the room. Is it only you, it is you and your family or will you have also guests over on a regular basis? Do you also have kids that tend to run around the home and break things? In this case you should go for furniture that is not easily breakable and destroyed, such as tables with marble tabletops, darker fabrics for your curtains and tablecloths that don’t stain easily or get dirty. You should also get some furniture that has drawers where you can stash away anything that might not belong in the room on a daily basis.

This is why choosing multifunctional furniture is so fashionable nowadays. For example you can go with various benches that are also storage boxes and trunks;chests that can easily become benches or low coffee tables or serving carts. You can have wine racks that can be easily storing wine glasses; a folding TV tray used as an end table. Really the options are unlimited.

Also try to match your new furniture to the existing room decor. We are visuals in nature and we like to see things that match well together. However the furniture needs to also be comfortable. Test those chairs while watching an entire movie sitting in one of the chairs to see if they really make the cut for any visitor friend that will stay over for a couple of hours.

Speaking of having children around, you can easily protect your furniture with some clear plastic protective covers. There are some nice ones out there that don’t look too shabby and can easily withstand the most critic eyes among our visitors.

There are so many things you can do to save space, declutter your home and make your living area pleasant for anyone in the room. Just try to think creatively, out of the box, and the ideas will come. Don’t forget above all the room furniture needs to be comfortable, pleasing to the eyes and durable so it will last you a couple of years at least.