Affordable Bathroom Garden Tub Decorating Ideas 44
Affordable Bathroom Garden Tub Decorating Ideas 44

45 Affordable Bathroom Garden Tub Decorating Ideas

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Mass bathing is not exactly the modern idea of fun. Why then should you consider implementing the Greek and Roman traditional bath houses into your home? The aesthetic appeal provided by this design is just one reason. Another reason is the ultimate relaxation that will come from the added space and beautiful décor.

Swimming pools are not a plausible feature for every private residence, so consider turning your bathroom into a traditional Mediterranean Thermae. To design a bathroom fit for the noblest Roman Emperor just follow these simple steps.

Begin by adding space to your bathroom. My suggestion is to open up your bathroom by adding an attached sun room. Be sure that your bathroom has ample protection from view by using one way glass. Also be sure the widows are well insulated. Install an oversized garden tub in this open area.

Be sure that your flooring and fixtures are marble done in classic Roman cuts. There is no need to have these highly polished remember your theme and choose pieces that will look age worn. Consider adding columns that open to add both ambiance and storage. For faucets and handles use copper implements.

This uncommon metal will cost less than the common golden fixtures, while adding just as much color and being theme appropriate. Install these during your construction phase so that other accessories chosen later are sure to match. Once construction and installation is complete you may begin to select accessories.

Create seclusion by decorating with potted plants of all sizes. This technique will truly make you feel as if you are in an outdoor bath house. Next use soft white linens for any curtains that may be necessary. Make sure these are loose and flowing. A design like this will be relaxing and adds a natural feel to the room.

To add a bit of color, use an area rug. Traditional Greek and Roman patterns can be found in a local rug shop. This will strengthen your theme while adding comfort and color. Your rug should contain the colors of both the plants used in the room as well as any decorative items.

For décor I suggest urns and decorative bottles. These items will be dual purpose. Use the urns to hold plants or towels and other bathroom necessities. The bottles will look even more decorative when filled with bath salts or oils. To prevent clutter group these in design clusters in the corners of the rooms or around the walls and columns.